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So the girlfriends and myself decided we should try one of the most talked about Tapas bar in Perth, Andaluz before I flew off on my big trip. Didn’t really know what to expect but just reading the menu, I was definitely excited to see what this place had to offer. :)

This place is situated along Howard Street in the city. For those who know where the Greenhouse is, it’s directly opposite, and on the right hand side facing the Esplanade. Quite easily missed by the unsuspecting eye, so keep a lookout!

As I entered the venue that evening, I had this really good classy elegant vibe from the place, and why not with all the beautiful decor and the rustic but yet vintage feel of the place, I was already impressed (not that difficult to impress this simple girl).

We all needed a nice little cocktail to start us off. Apologies for not being able to remember the names, but here are some photos (to those bartenders reading, if you can help me out, that’d be wonderful!) :

All three cocktails were beautiful, and was a nice way to start the evening for sure. They were all wonderful concoctions.

Being the crazy ladies we were, we decided to also order a bottle of the Petit Chablis… carefully chosen by our dearest D.P. Lovely bottle of wine – so easy to drink it was actually dangerous!

So moving on from the drinks… let’s see what we had for dinner:

– New Norcia Bread, olive oil and balsamic

– Flash fried whole school prawns, paprika aioli (and we were only interested because of the aioli!)

– Black angus beef carpaccio, machego and herbs, hazelnut dressing

– Seared scallops, Berkshire pork cheek confit, sticky alvear PX and muscatels

– Slow cooked octopus, shallots, preserved lemon and chilli

– House smoked ocean trout, labna, vanilla, apple and horseradish

– Smoked Cod, Egg and Morcilla Croquettes

I will stop here before the desserts, because there is already so many to talk about!

The bread was actually a way of filling my tummy up because I was really hungry that evening, and I needed to be considerate of my other dining mates (wouldn’t want to deprive them of the good food!).

The prawns was actually such a nice nibbler that it finished before we even could say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Okay, so I lie, but it was just one of those nice things to munch on whilst having a good chat with mates. The paprika aioli wasn’t too bad, tho’ I thought a little more paprika wouldn’t hurt. =)

The carpaccio was lovely. But I maybe biased because I am a big fan of it. Served beautifully, we had an equal share each, which was great!

The scallops were the highlight for us over the range of tapas we ordered. that melt-in-your-mouth sensation of the pork cheeks, coupled with the sheer chewiness of the scallops seared to perfection – Oooh la la! Sexy dish. Sexy.

The octopus was rather tasty and provided a nice change to the smoked/fried/cured food that we ordered.

The smoked trout was beautiful with the radish – amazing combination of flavours really. I was a bit wary of how it might would taste like, but hey, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding delivered!

The croquettes had a taste that was on the stronger/heavier side, but nothing too overwhelming, which is good. The fact that they had morcilla (i.e. black pudding) in there was probably one of the reasons behind the heaviness of the dish. Overall, I’m glad I tried it.

Just like everyone else, we all have various taste buds, and my personal favourites for the evening were the prawns, smoked trout and scallops. Don’t get me wrong tho’, the rest were lovely too. Just that these three tapas dishes left a deep impression without a doubt.

So you thought we were done. Where is dessert?!

There were four desserts on special, and we decided to have one each since there were four of us anyway. How perfect!

Once again, my lovely memory has failed me for two of the desserts. one of them the chocolate dessert, the other (from what I can recall), a semifreddo with pistachio biscotti (a big one!). The other two were a lemon tart, and a ice cream cookie with caramel milkshake!

My personal favourite, oddly enough was the lemon tart. The simplest of them all. But the thing about this lemon tart was that it was such a simple dessert but it tasted so exquisite. I couldn’t stop feeding myself. By far the best lemon tart I have tasted. =)

The others were good too, with special credit to the idea of the caramel milkshake being put in a little milk bottle! We found the whole idea ingenious. The chocolate dessert and semifreddo were on par for me. Good stuff.

If you think you’re going to keep ordering food/drinks over the duration of your stay, just ask the friendly (and they were very friendly indeed!) wait staff for a tab card, in which you exchange with your credit card for. Lovely system I say!

We ate all of the above and drank everything for about $60 each, which is probably worth the moolah because of the food quality. I will definitely be heading back to Andaluz in the near future!

Those sexy scallops……….

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Andaluz Bar and Tapas
Telephone: (08) 9481 0092
Address: 21 Howard Street, Perth

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