Bada Bing Cafe, Woodlands


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So we had a choir dinner before I left for my long awaited overseas trip, and we decided to try somewhere different (with the benefit of having discounts using the entertainment book!)… D.W. gave a suggestion to try the Bada Bing Cafe near where he stays. So with a different place to try, plus good company, plus discounts, why not?!

As we found our way to this place, which is rather difficult to find for newbies to the area like me, we found ourselves walking into a place bustling with people enjoying their meals, having great chats, and with an unassuming atmosphere, I immediately liked what I was walking into.

We quickly deliberated our dinner choices for the evening, after all, we were hungry cats after singing our lungs out for an hour before that.

Before long, we found ourselves deciding on the following:

  • Tasting Plate (which includes Crumbed Prawns, salt & pepper calamari, pickled squid, grilled cacciatore, pumpkin & goats cheese frittata, baby chicken drumettes, Chef’s special bocconcini and watermelon and haloumi salad).
  • Scotch FilletĀ 
  • Pork Cutlets
  • Lamb Cutlets
  • Fettuccine Spello
  • Penne Alysia
  • Beer and Pellagrino
For the first time in a long long time, I am able to present more than 3 dishes, which is fantastico! =) And as one would say, “let’s get on with it!”
The tasting plate was filled with all kinds of things to try (which is always nice)… a little of each.

I tried the chicken, the cacciatore, and the cheese (I was staying from seafood at the time)… and they were both alright. I wouldn’t jump up and down about it. I like the fact that they poured sweet chilli over the chicken tho’!

The watermelon salad was actually a great little addition to the dish because it refreshes the mouth, and it cleanses (to me) theĀ palate.

In any case, the plate was definitely swept clean of its food!

The scotch fillet was a nice sized piece of cow that laid on top of a generous serving of mash with some field mushrooms to accompany. I received the nod with this dish, and would probably order this myself next time – except I don’t really enjoy mash. So would they be willing to change that to something else for me? =)

The one thing that I did realise over the course of the meal was how well presented the mains were. They took the time to really plate up the dish, and this shows dedication on the chef’s part. Kudos!

The pork cutlets received rave reviews, and I tried a bit of the sauce myself and was really quite impressed. I am not really a person to have pork cutlets, but this was actually rather good!

Once again served with mash…

One thing to note was that the pork cutlet was not dry (as what I would have been most afraid of)… and neither was it too tough on the jaw.

This was probably the sweet surprise for the evening!

Onto the next mains…

The lamb cutlet dish was filled with plenty of salad, just the way A.C. likes it!

I had a little taste of it, and it was actually rather tasty! I love the fact that there was a lot of greens accompanying the meat, and although it doesn’t look like many cutlets, it does fill the tummy!

Now… onto the pasta dishes we ordered for the night (gosh this must be the post with the most variety of food I have written thus far on PFE!)…

The penne alysia was the dish I had ordered. i wanted something a little lighter than a full-on cream sauce, but wanted something substantial enough (yes, talk about fussy!)… so I just went ahead with the creamy tomato. Hmm. How I justified that as being in the middle of both full-on cream and something substantial is beyond me. In any case! The dish was probably the most average of all that we ordered that night, and I was disappointed with myself for ordering something so simple. That said, the taste was good, but I’d probably explore some of the other dishes the next time I dine there.

The fettuccine spello earned the most “wow” of all the mains we ordered, simply because of how lovely it looked when it was presented to S.C. It was one of those mains you’d go, “damn I should have ordered that!”. The taste apparently was not too bad, but what I really love is the use of the scallop shell… and not immersing the scallop into the pasta, because that allows the scallop to be fully appreciated by the palate without the influence of the other ingredients of the plate. =)

So by the end of the evening, the winners I would have chosen are:

  • Pork Cutlet
  • Lamb Cutlet
  • Fettuccine Spello
Service was efficient, despite the busy nature of the cafe. Would definitely be heading back some time!
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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A special shout-out to Janet Lau! This post has actually been motivated by you after your kind compliments about our reviews last night. We hope you’ll continue to support us, and please leave a comment/message/wall post on FB!

3 thoughts on “Bada Bing Cafe, Woodlands

  1. A new post by S.T! Excellent writing and photography as usual (mm scallops), and even better because I get a mention haha. It was lovely meeting you on friday night, no doubt I’ll see you around Perth sometime. Keep up the blogging! :D

    • Hey Janet! Thanks for leaving a note! :) It was indeed lovely meeting you on Friday night! Do keep these comments coming. :) All the best for your studies and we will definitely be bumping into each other at some point.

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