Crumpet, Victoria Park

After such a long wait, and seeing so many bloggers add their respective views of this place, it’s about time the PFE had some say too!

By now, many people would have gone to this beautiful little place – unassuming, always bustling with people looking around for a seat, and most of all, in a perfect location.

I first took notice of this place on a Saturday when I headed to Emma’s Seafood restaurant with Mom. When we came out from our very full dimsum lunch (what is new?!), I saw a crowd of people just standing outside this place and wondered what was alluring them to this place.

So SK, DP and myself decided to set ourselves a breakfast date!

It wasn’t too long before we started to deliberate and finally decide on our breakfast:

  • Stuffed Mushrooms (with an additional poached egg)
  • Serve of crumpets
  • Corn Fritters (with additional smoked salmon)
  • Huevos Rancheros (Toasted tortilla with cheese, spicy beans, fried eggs, guacamole and green chilli salsa)
  • Cappucino
  • Tea

Why call the shop Crumpet? because…

Their crumpets were absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! I used to have crumpets in college all the time (obviously those bought from the supermarket) and this was just mind-blowing.

It was toasted just nicely, and with the honey and butter melting as you bite through, that satisfaction…


Please do not be fooled by how this dish looks, because the stuffed mushrooms was packed with nothing but all around good flavour. Think mushrooms, cheese, bacon all cooked together… their individual goody-salty flavours mixed together. What yumminess. And to top it all off? Healthiness with the spinach added too!!

The corn fritters were an absolute delight to munch through as well. Plenty of corn, which means generosity on the chef’s part, and there was a good amount of seasoning that prevented it from really overpowering the taste of the corn – the right thing to do! The smoked salmon were fresh, and topped with capers, how can one not be happy? I loved the combination, but it seems that they may not have this anymore, judging from their more updated menu. =(


I loved the way the Huevos Rancheros was presented. It was simple, and whilst I think the other two dishes were more substantial, this dish was still tasty anyway.

Of all the dishes, this probably paled in comparison, but it was definitely still enjoyable because DP finished it all! And with pure delight. And it seems this too, has been wiped off the menu! boo.

I might as well go right into the great service that we experienced that morning. There was a good bunch of people who were waiting for their order, and another good bunch awaiting to order their dishes. They were all done professionally with a patient guy standing at the counter taking the order, and also informing us on the wait for the orders, particularly the crumpets since they are made to order.

What I loved about this place is its casual form, yet its not-so-casual professional way of presenting the food, and the beautiful tastes behind that presentation too!

I did not really try the coffee, but the tea is the standard type of tea you’d expect from the cafe.

Overall, I would love to be back to have more of those scrumptious crumpets and perhaps their hangover breakfast!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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