Chianti on Colins, West Perth


Entertainment Book 10/11: 25% of total bill (up to $35)

Chianti on Collins is a little less known establishment in the heart of West Perth along Colins Street. Miss Anise, R.R and myself were due for a little catchup, and so we thought we’d grab something from the entertainment book to use those discounts up!

We decided on Chianti because it was one of the only few restaurants that had a table available for us, and that was open. So, we booked ourselves a table for three, and were honestly quite excited to have a look at what there was to offer!

When we arrived, I was quite impressed with the internal decor (and why I did not bother taking photos of, I know not, please do not shoot me!). In any case, we were reserved a table on the outside of the restaurant.

As we sat, we were offered their Menu, and we pondered:

  • Beef Cheeks (in red wine sauce, mash potatoes and a selection of mushrooms)
  • Veal (Grass Fed) Short Loin (grilled, light cream and Vermouth sauce)
  • Custom made vegetarian pasta
  • Some cocktails (can’t remember what we ordered now! Influence of alcohol?)
  • Orange & Grand Manier Crepe

The cocktails were… interesting. I don’t think I will order them again because quite honestly there was quite an insignificant amount of alcohol. And what are cocktails supposed to be without that little oomph factor? I have to give kudos for the quantity tho’! But then again. Quality vs Quantity. Which would you choose?

The veal short loin was not too bad, and was tasty, but towards the end, it got boring. It was one of those dishes where you eat the first few mouthfuls and you go, “mmm. pretty good stuff”, and towards the end, you’re wondering why you still haven’t finished your meal.

There was a lack of colour enticement in this dish (and actually the rest of the dishes for that matter).

One other thing I quite appreciated about the dish, was the generous serving of gravy/sauce with the meat. Love my gravy/sauce. :)

Let’s move on!

In a surprise move, Miss Anise ordered the beef cheeks! I know my dear friend. She’s usually a seafood person, and when she does order the red meat, you know she’s feeling pretty awesome! :)

Anyway, I got the chance to have a taste of the cheeks, and I definitely have had better cheeks in this lifetime, unfortunately. And they used the same type of mushrooms for garnishing as the veal, which really wasn’t impressive for the prices that we were about to pay.

Like the veal, there was plenty of gravy, but the colour got to me after a while, just like the veal.

One thing’s for sure – I now understand why colour is so important in a dish!

And speaking of colour…

The final dish of the evening (for mains, that is)… the pasta. Penne with a vegetarian twist as RR is vegetarian (for that evening). It was a nice change of colour from our meat, but strangely enough, the pasta did not appeal to me either. The taste from what I understood was quite average. And fair enough because it did look pretty average.

So far, we haven’t been too impressed, as you can tell. So we were hoping some good dessert may just lift our dinner up a little! Especially with Miss Anise’s favourite Grand Manier over crepe.

The crepe came out looking absolutely delightful, especially with a better assortment of colours (Okay, I think that will hopefully be the last time I actually mention the word “colours”… I already hear the omg’s in my head)… Miss Anise and myself were really looking forward to trying this dish…

Being the expert on Grand Manier, I asked Miss Anise to give it a try first to let me know what she thought, and whilst it was nice, she said that she’s had better ones.

I had a little taste myself, and honestly, it did look better than it tasted unfortunately.

Overall, this meal was on the disappointing side. The waitress who served us was a little green and for some reason could not really understand us. I wondered if it is because she’s just arrived in Australia and is still learning English. It was pretty difficult getting across to her. The wife of the chef whom I believe ran the restaurant, was nice, but a little overwhelming at times.

I don’t think I would go back to CoC. A tad overpriced for the food, despite the beautiful ambiance and pretty decent service.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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