The Monk Brewery, Fremantle


This has always been a place that would grab my attention and make me want to try the items there, etc.

And so, despite the awful cold that I was having, I decided that I really did need to try this place before it was too late!

S.K. and I drove there, and it was packed up in Fremantle as we drove in from the city… people carrying portable chairs, etc. And so, in the car, whilst waiting for traffic to move along the road, S.K. found herself googling on her mobile as to what event there might be – as luck would have it – it was the blues and roots event!!

So we parked in the multi storey colourful carpark near the market, and walked our way into the Monk. We were excited.

With the weather cooling down at that point in time, we decided to find a place inside the establishment.

We were pleasantly surprised at how lovely the interior design was. On the outside, it looked rugged, and a tad rustic, but on the inside, there was this amazingly classy but rustic feel – absolutely brilliant! Plus 1.


It was the American Beer week at Monk that week, but we weren’t really told that the beer menu also had some Amercian food up for grabs, so we missed out on that! How did we find out? By poking our noses into other tables who were having those hamburgers, ribs, etc. Boo. Never mind. We looked at the menu and found ourselves ordering:

  • Sticky Pork Belly and Seared Scallops
  • Chilli Margherita Pizza
  • Kolsh and Wheat Beer (yes, separate!)
  • Tasting Plate (beer)


The pork belly was the star of the day. S.K. wasn’t feeling all too hungry and because there were two options with the pork belly (you could choose 4 pieces or 6 pieces), she chose four… And by far, besides the Andaluz pork cheeks with scallops… this is her pick of the next best pork belly you can find in WA! At the rate she is eating those pork bellies, she might soon become PFE’s consultant for pork bellies in WA! I had a taste of the pork myself and I have to say it was absolutely divine. That lovely sticky sauce had a beautiful sweetness to it, and with the sea saltiness of the scallop punching through, what a lovely combination!

The pizza probably paled in comparison in terms of enjoyment factor, but it was quite a nice difference to the usual margherita you’d get from the various restaurants. The chilli they added had a really nice kick to the pizza. I quite enjoyed it, despite my cold.

The beers were quite average and personally, I would probably head to Little Creatures for my dosage of beer.

They had a nice variety and the Kolsch that I had was really quite refreshing and light. The wheat beer was alright, but did not really live up to our expectations of a good wheat beer.

It was a lovely experience at this place, but towards the end, we did feel a bit of a push to leave the place with the waiter showing significant anxiety for us to order dessert, and thereafter for us to have the bill. Strange, but the food made up for this weird service we received.

Don’t get me wrong – the service was generally good, but we found it strange that we were given the bill without even asking, and quite frankly, there were still tables available around from what I remember.

Oh wells. Since then I have been back there and will do so in the future without a doubt.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (Food was great, service leaves a little to be improved on)

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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