Restaurant Amuse, East Perth


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Restaurant Amuse is located in an unassuming spot on Bronte Street, its reputation far exceeds its somewhat secluded location in East Perth.  Winner of the Best Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year for three consecutive years, it was opened late 2007 by owner Hadleigh & Carolynne Troy.  We decided to go there this year to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Due to its immense popularity, it was at least a month’s queue to get a table on the weekend!  Aahh bad planning on my part!  We had to go on a week night instead.  So for those who are planning a dinner there, call early to get reservation!

To my surprise, Amuse has quite a simple decor – dark flooring with white panelled walls, and matching black tables and white chairs.  Simple but nice.

Restaurant Amuse serves only a 10 course degustation menu, priced at $125pp for food only, and does not offer an a la carte menu.  An extra $75pp is charged for wine pairing.

On arrival, instead of a menu with a list of the dishes to be served, we were given instead a sealed envelope and a choice of whether to open the envelope or be surprised!  Being curious, I opted to open!!  Inside was a list of ingredients to be used for the 10 course meal.  Not very informative!  It was explained to us that the menu changes with the season, based on quality produce that is procured and the chef’s creativity, therefore dishes are not listed!  Amusing!

Let the degustation begins!

Oh…but before that…the drinks:

  • Berry & Mint Punch ($10) – berries, mint & cranberry
  • Apricot Fizz ($10) – apricot, apple & lemon
  • Apple Julep ($10) – apple, mint & lime
  • Peppermint Liquer


First up..the Snacks – assorted platter of breadsticks wrapped with jamon iberico, crispy onion rings, organic oats cracker with sour cream and tasmanian ocean trout.  Amazing..and this is just the starter!

Next come the Sourdough Bread served with Kailis organic olive oil, and kept warm with heated stones underneath.  Wow!


And now the Main Courses…they are all simply delightful!

  • Blue Ridge Marron/Shima Wasabi/Soy Beans/Lime
  • Organic beetroot/Coffee Cocoa/Persian Feta/Wine Granita


  • Polenta with Free Range Eggs…came smoking in a glass jar!


  • Rottnest Scallops/Ocean Trout
  • Bread with Ricotta
  • Shiitake and Enoki Mushroom Broth
  • Amelia Park Lamb/Sea Lettuce/Potato


That’s the end of the main courses…we were given a Chardonnay Jelly to cleanse our palate before dessert time!

The first dessert course is a Rhubarb Compote and oats hidden under you wouldn’t guess what..fairy floss!  The sauce was poured over the floss to reveal the dessert underneath :)


Next came a course of Chocolate Dessert and a platter of assorted doughnut/marshmallow/jubes!


We also ordered the Cheese Platter option and tea to finish off the night.


Overall, it was a very satisfying meal, quite eye opening with the variety of dishes.  The staff were warm and very attentive and we were well looked after.  Explanation came with each dish and table was wiped after each course.  The napkin was even folded nicely and placed on the table each time we left the table, yeah!  Entertaining meal and well worth the price!

Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Restaurant Amuse
Telephone: 08 9325 4900
Address: 64 Bronte Street, East Perth

Trading Hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 7pm to 10pm

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    • Hi Laura,
      Me too! That’s how we started the blog as we find we are taking heaps of photos and would like to share them with everyone!
      Thanks for visiting the blog :)

    • Hi Troy,

      Thanks for visiting our blog!
      The food at Amuse is nice! Let me know your experience if you do end up going there :)

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