Rockpool Bar & Grill, Burswood


Rockpool Bar & Grill is a renowned restaurant in the Perth foodie scenery located in the Burswood Entertainment Complex.  I’d been meaning to try the restaurant out for ages but it had always been awfully hard to get the right timing and booking!  I finally managed to go one Sunday lunchtime.

Due to the hype surrounding the restaurant when it first opened, I was quite excited to see what the fuzz is all about.    Just from the entrance to the restaurant, you can tell that they have spent quite an effort jazzing up the place.  The impressive double wooden doors opened up to a candlelit walkway leading into the restaurant.  It  was quite magical.  The inside of the restaurant has a beautiful setting, with an open kitchen and a massive dining area.  What I like the most is the warm colours and lighting.  Very nice!


The waitstaff was quite attentive with our table which I thought was great, offering drinks as soon as we sat down, and explained the menu quite well, giving various opinions on the dishes.  He was also friendly which added a nice touch!  I didn’t felt like drinking that day so stuck with sparkling water while my sister ordered a lime drink.


To start of with, we were given complimentary crusty bread and butter. yum yum!

For entree, we had the following:

  • Sauteed white rocks veal sweetbreads and marron with almonds, oranges and rosemary ($35)
  • Crudo of pink snapper, ocean trout and yellow fin tuna with sorrel and lime flavoured extra virgin olive oil ($29)

This is my first time trying veal sweetbreads, which are actually the thymus glands of a calf.  They tasted quite good, similar in texture to liver but not as strong in taste.  Worth a try.  The crudo fish dish was great too, very fresh.  I like and wanted more!

For mains, we had:

  • Seafood from the Charcoal Oven – Coral trout served with herb salad and aioli ($55)
  • David Blackmore’s Wagyu corned silverside with horseradish, roasted onions and savoy cabbage ($49)
  • David Blackmore’s Dry aged full blood wagyu topside 240g 32 days ($52) with bearnaise sauce

 I ordered the Wagyu topside and it was the worst mistake of the day!  It was so chewy and tough that I spat 1/3 of it out!  I was actually warned by my sister whilst ordering that I should choose something else as she had tried this a few months earlier and said it was too chewy and was very hard to eat.  In my head I was thinking it can’t be that bad.  Even though it was a secondary cut,  it costs $52, it should at least be edible.  I was totally wrong! and totally flabbergasted that the restaurant could serve something like this!  What a disappointment!!

The Coral Trout and Wagyu Corned Silverside fared better and were actually quite good.  I was glad there were good dishes otherwise it would have been a total disaster of a lunch!

We also had the Wood Fired Grilled Broccolini ($18) and Sauteed Mixed Mushroom ($25) as sides.  The portion was very small and the broccolini was too salty.  Definitely overpriced.

Moving on, we ordered a dessert each to make up for the below par mains.  We had:

  • Hazelnut macaron and banana ice cream sandwich ($14)
  • Creme caramel ($21)
  • Black forest trifle ($25)
  • Warm rhubarb, strawberry and almond pudding with vanilla sauce ($25)
  • Long Mac and Vienna Coffee (I was surprised they couldn’t make us a vienna coffee but gave us a shot of coffee and separate cream.  Strange!)
I had the Hazelnut Macaron and Banana Ice Cream Sandwich and that was the best dish of the day.  I was quite impressed with it, the banana ice cream was not too sweet which complimented the macaron shell.  Very good!  I didn’t try too much of the other desserts but they were warmly welcomed.
We were also given complimentary Caramel Popcorn which was a bonus.  It was very addictive too!
Overall it was quite a disappointing lunch for me due to the Wagyu topside,  however my experience was saved by the yummy hazelnut macaron.  I did tell the wait staff about the steak and he said he would reflect our experience back to the chef.  At least the service was great.
Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Rockpool Bar & Grill
Telephone: 08 6262 1900
Address: Burswood Entertainment Complex, Great Eastern Highway, Burswood

Trading Hours

Lunch:  Sunday to Friday

Dinner: 7 days

Competition: ‘The King’s Banquet’ by the King of Fruit

The PFEs have been invited to enter a recipe contest run by the King of Fruit!

The competition is called ‘The King’s Banquet’ and is a recipe contest open to people in Australia who like to blog about food.  A condition of this competition is that the recipe must contain fresh pineapples as an ingredient.

A bit of background about the King of Fruit:

They are a group of Queensland pineapple farmers who grow Australia’s favorite pineapple; the “King of Fruit” for retailers all over the country. They supply fruit to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi & IGA and a bunch of other independent grocery stores throughout Australia.  For more information, visit their website:

The PFEs will put in a recipe for Pineapple Tarts!!

Pineapple tart is one of Miss L’s favourite cookie and she uses the recipe to make lots and lots of pineapple tarts during Chinese New Year to share with family and friends.  

For those interested in the recipe, please check out the website.  Please also vote for us and the recipe at the same website, shown below:


Thanks all!  Your vote is very much appreciated! :)

Narration by: Miss L

West End Deli, West Perth


West End Deli is located on Carr Street, the sleepy end of West Perth in terms of food and restaurant activity.  Surrounded mainly by houses, West End Deli seems to be the only cafe along this end of town.  A great location, as finding a parking spot is so much easier!  In fact, finding a parking spot is probably easier than getting a table in this cafe especially for a weekend breakfast/brunch.  Therefore get in there early to secure a table.  I’d been here twice in recent months and both times there was a 15 – 20 mins wait for table! (They only accept bookings from 12pm daily).

Stepping into the cafe, one is greeted with a warm and lively atmosphere.  With an open kitchen facing the door, one can also observe the chefs in action!  Great!

The cafe has a rustic appearance and outstanding decor, the most exceptional being the chairs hanging from the ceiling!  My first thought was, is that safe?!?  My “engineering brain” proceeded to analyse the situation, how many chains are holding up the chairs, how are they being tied etc.  I know…a bad habit, and it didn’t help as I was surrounded by ex-colleagues who are in the same profession as well!

   Anyways back to the topic of food, the menu contains a good selection of dishes with many special dishes on offer, not just the typical ones you find for breakfast.  I like!

We had the following for brunch:

  • Latte and Cappucino – coffee was nice! Deep flavours!
  • Eggs – Poached and Scrambled ($12 ea) – I ordered the Scrambled Eggs, highly recommended by my friend who frequented this place often and it was simply the best!  It came with pieces of freshly baked baguettes which was soft on the inside with a crunchy crust.  That, slabbed with butter and eggs was divine!  I ordered the exact same thing on my second visit as it was so good!  A ‘must order’!
  • Crepes, rhubarb, mascarpone & pistachios ($16) – only had a small bite but it tasted good!
  • Wholemeal pancakes, calvados cream, streaky bacon, maple syrup ($16) – thought it was slightly weird teaming bacon with pancakes and maple syrup but my friend liked this dish!
  • Corned beef hash, potato & fried egg ($24) – didn’t manage to try this but nice presentation.
  • Housed smoked salmon, brioche, creamed spinach, slow cooked egg & tobikko dressing ($24) – a few people on the table ordered this dish and their first reactions were, “You have to try this! It is so nice!”  I had a bite and was blown away.  It was truly a gourmet breakfast, I loved the flavours in the smoked salmon.  Combined this with the creamy spinach and running eggs on brioche was perfect.  I’m not a big smoked salmon fan but this did not have the overbearing taste that I dislike in smoked salmon.  Another ‘must order’!
  • Pork sausage ($23) – didn’t try this either, looked ordinary to me.

Service was ordinary but I didn’t mind too much as long as I get my food and drinks when they are ready.  It’s quite a casual cafe so I didn’t expect too much from them.  Overall, I was a very satisfied customer.  Although some of the dishes may be a bit pricey, as long as you pick the right dish, it was worth it.  My favourite Scrambled Eggs with Baguette was both awesome in price and taste!

To top it off, guess who I saw halfway through the meal?  Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris!!  That was at my first visit during the Good Food and Wine Festival!  *wahoo*  They were sitting behind us!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

West End Deli
Telephone: 08 9328 3605
Address: 95 Carr Street, West Perth

Trading Hours

Sunday to Wednesday: 7am to 3pm

Thursday to Saturday: 7am – late (dinner from 630pm)
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****BSF 2011 Beer Masterclass**** [Around The World]

So SK and I have been on a crazy Beaufort Street Festival event spree, getting ourselves tickets to almost all the possible awesome food events that are being held in advance of the upcoming Beaufort Street Festival happening on the 12th November 2011!

We were stoked to find out first about the Roving Dinner (with which the post will come soon!), and then our jaws dropped to the ground after finding out about the beer masterclasses that were going to be held at Five Bar.

In true Asian style, we found ourselves booking places for the Around The World Beer Masterclass, then the Roving Dinner, and before we knew it, we made a booking for the Australian Beer Tasting Masterclass as well! Having been to two out of the three so far, I think it only be fair to make a mention of at least one now… so that all ya’ll can possibly make it to the next beer masterclass, or the last one, and of course, the festival itself!

And so this post will be all about the “Around The World Beer Masterclass” that took place on 12 October 2011.

Before we get stuck into the photos, let’s just drool at the stuff that we had:

Blanche De Namur with
Classic Bratwurst Sausage with Sauerkraut and Honey Mustard Dressing

Weihenstephaner Pilsner with
Crispy Fried Scallop & Chive Potato Croquettes, Lemon Hollandaise and Paprika

Belgium (France was not available for comment):
Saison Dupont with
Slow Braised Buttered Leeks on Toasted French Baguette & Organic Goats Curd

Rogers with
Margaret River Spiced Venison Chorizo with Apricot and Quandong Jam

North America:
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale with
Cajun Spiced King Prawns with Kiwi Fruit, Coriander, Chilli and Lime Salsa

Fuller’s ESB with
Keens Milk English Cheddar, Sticky Quince Paste and Crispbread

Innis & Gunn Rum Cask with
Bailey’s Crème Brulee with Scottish Shortbreads

If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite – I really don’t know what will!

I won’t bore you with too many words too with this post, I shall let the photos do the talking for me (:


The bratwurst was rather different to the ones you would have at places like Duckstein, but this wasn’t Germany anyway – so I suppose the differences are but normal. I will say tho’ that the toast they provided below the saurkraut and sausage made all the difference. Yum. The Blanche de Namur was a lovely wheat beer, one which we have tried before and really loved because of its lightness and its easy-to-drink quality. Bottoms up!

I will make this apology right up… I am sorry for not taking the Weihenstephaner Pilsner with Crispy Fried Scallop & Chive Potato Croquettes, Lemon Hollandaise and Paprika! The only excuse I can really give you is a bit of a hungry and semi-tipsy soul who was really trying to savour every moment of that Croquette that was cooked really well, and what stood out was the big chunks of scallop that you could actually taste (and feel) whilst you were eating. And that lemon hollandaise… Not too thick, not too heavy, with the lemon cutting that down a little bit on the richness, it was aweeeee-some!

Right. So quite quickly we went to a beer that SK had warned me about before the masterclass started because of the less than perfect experience with the beer. So I had a sip of the Saison Dupont initially and realised I knew what she was talking about. There was a strong flavour to this beer that’s not too appealing to us both (but everyone is different, so you may actually enjoy this beer!)… but the twists in our lips were transformed to wide grins when we paired it with the buttered leeks. One of the simplest, most desirable mouthful of vegetable and good crunchy toast, this was possibly my own personal favourite pair for the evening! I wish we had more. Two thumbs up to the chefs who paired the dish with the beer so aptly!

Onward to our local affair.

 I stupidly took the beer that we all know about… but not the food that we wouldn’t really see too often. ‘doh! I had a Homer moment, for that I do apologise *sheepish grin*

But in any case, I have never been the biggest fan of Rogers (please don’t hit me!)… I have always loved the Bright Ale from Little Creatures more than Rogers… but according to our Master Anthony Williams from Beer Tasters, Rogers is really the quintessential beer with all that nice fruitiness in its flavour, making it a nice amber rich beer. Pairing this with the Chorizo was definitely the way to go. The nice spiciness from the Chorizo went so well with the fruity spice of the beer, wowee! And not to mention that jam. That Quandong jam. With the meat. With the beer. Oh. Heaven.

And then onwards we trotted to the land of the American beer.


This is another beer that we have tried before, and really, it didn’t leave the best impression on us – maybe because we’re not too much of this style of beer. The Serra Nevada Pale Ale has a peculiar spiciness to its taste, and when it’s drunk on its own, I think it will only taste good when it’s really really cold. I personally wouldn’t want to drink this warm (but who would want to drink warm beer anyway?!)… but this is one of those beers that I would need to keep cold for sure. The prawns were a lovely surprise to the palate. They actually had the “oomph!” factor in its spiciness, which was refreshing. And with the the somewhat curt spiciness of the beer really cut that prawn spice down to an enjoyable combination.


The British knew their beer was special, but they marketed it even better. The Extra Special Beer was quite pleasant to me, and that quince paste, together with the cheese and crackers just made this beer so so easy to drink. Cheers cheers cheers to that ESB!

The Innis & Gunn made for the perfect end to what I personally believe was a fantastic masterclass. This beer has a good origin story that you can find here (instead of really reading a second hand story from me).

And since this was our last course, we would need for this to end on a sweet note, and we most certainly did with a lovely Creme Brulee, that was infused with Bailey’s. That oak aged brew with the brulee was such a sweet match that I gorged the dessert without taking a photo (yet again!). But it was served in a little glass that was perhaps 1.5 times the size of a normal shot size, and made for a nice serve after all that yummy food and beer that went on for the hour or so before that.

During the course of the evening, we had beer master Anthony Williams providing us a little background on the beer, and why it was chosen for the event… and Five Bar’s very own Assistant Manager Pia Poynton explaining the basis behind the food choices that were made by the chefs after they had a taste of the beer themselves.

And with these shoutouts, I’d like to make a special shoutout to the organiser of these food events – Laura Moseley for doing such an awesome job! So far it has been nothing but superb moments!

We should definitely have more of these around WA. Bring it on!

Narration by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

****NAFC Australia**** [rated PG]

A little birdy emailed us about a week ago telling us about this group buying aggregator and community. So you think you’ve heard them all? Think again!

I am personally rather intrigued by its name… You’d be wondering what would NAFC actually stand for?

Not Another F*cking Coupon

That’s right people! Not direct enough? Have a look into their website. Getting into it?

This ingenious idea of pulling all the different coupons you’d typically get from individual websites like Spreets,, etc. into a single website where you’d be entertained by its colourful layout and more colourful language couldn’t have come at a better time.

So you choose the city you belong to, and then off you go into the page where they filter all coupons related to the city you’ve nominated… and you have the option of filtering it even further by choosing one of the many categories they present – say “Dining and Drinking”, “Entertainment”, etc. And of course, in the spirit of comedy value, you’d see that they would have something to say even if they don’t have a coupon to present you with.

It’s all about the online presence, so you can, without a doubt find them on facebook, and they have a twitter account to follow as well! They want to engage YOU.

I don’t swear generally speaking (really I don’t. Not often at least), but it is refreshing to see a website that is filled with an idea that wouldn’t be attempted with that comfortably with others. Kudos to the creator of NAFC, and be sure to have a look at their website!

NAFC Australia. You do want to see this.

Narration by: Miss Egg

The Squires Loft, Subiaco


Miss Egg is finally back! *curtsy* Ya’ll have been so patient with us, and we really thank you for your kind understanding about us being busy engineers.

Just a little update on Miss Egg – she has been going to so many places that she fears she may not even have the time to really catch up with posts, so she will be posting the more significant ones, and the others, you will be able to find photos and little reviews on our facebook page! If you haven’t “like” our page, you really should!!

Anyway, back to proper business.

Squires Loft has opened for a while now in the little village of shops opposite where the new iiNet building is. I was stoked to find out that it was opened those months ago because I had such a beautiful experience in their sister restaurant in Melbourne (special shout out to J who brought me there!).

We were the first of their customers to arrive because of our early booking (what’s new?)… so it was nice to get a clean shot of the restaurant in its native state.

Very nicely decorated, we were shown to our table, where I managed to score a couch seat! Yay! I wasn’t too impressed with the waitress who showed us to our table due to her lack of enthusiasm, and sadly, she was a bit grumpy on the day too. But never mind that. Our spirits were still quite high.


And so to start the dinner, we had some warm bread served to us, complimentary – which I thought was a nice touch (but really, who wouldn’t when they have freebies on offer?!)… Came with a nice serve of butter, and because I was hungry, it was really enjoyable.

Wasn’t long before we decided on our respective orders:

  • Serves of Scotch/Eye Fillet with Mushroom/Pepper sauce on the side
  • 1 serve of Caesar’s Salad
  • Asahi Beer (no prizes for guessing who had this!)
Not much variety, I know, but hey, this is a steakhouse! (:
The caesar’s salad was below average to my mind (and the mother’s). Maybe because it’s been a long long time since we had caesar’s salad and was really hoping for one that would blow our minds away, but this was really not up to scratch, unfortunately. If not for the fact that the greens are pure essentials in our diet these days, I think I might not actually have finished the bowl.

You’d have a choice of chips and baked potato when you order the steak, so we had two serves with chips and one serve with baked potato.

The mother was not that impressed with her steak… apparently it was “average” to her mind. She does usually have more of a fussy set of taste buds, but on this occasion I actually agree with her. I have definitely had better steaks given the price we paid (and don’t get me wrong, the price was reasonable). And perhaps it was that whole hype about my previous experience that left me disappointed with this.

I ordered my steak medium rare, and it came out about medium to medium well, so there was a bit more chewing to do than I would have really liked. Chips were not seasoned, and although we did get a decent serve of the sauces, I think $4.50 is a bit of a stretch.

The medium steak that Mom ordered looked about the same colour as mine, which made me wonder about their consistencies with cooking of the steak.

The service was average, nothing too big to boast about, and considering that it was a pretty empty restaurant when we went there, we had to make quite the effort to get the attention of the wait staff.

I will probably give it another go some other time, but with so many other new places opening, it may not be anytime soon.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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