The Squires Loft, Subiaco


Miss Egg is finally back! *curtsy* Ya’ll have been so patient with us, and we really thank you for your kind understanding about us being busy engineers.

Just a little update on Miss Egg – she has been going to so many places that she fears she may not even have the time to really catch up with posts, so she will be posting the more significant ones, and the others, you will be able to find photos and little reviews on our facebook page! If you haven’t “like” our page, you really should!!

Anyway, back to proper business.

Squires Loft has opened for a while now in the little village of shops opposite where the new iiNet building is. I was stoked to find out that it was opened those months ago because I had such a beautiful experience in their sister restaurant in Melbourne (special shout out to J who brought me there!).

We were the first of their customers to arrive because of our early booking (what’s new?)… so it was nice to get a clean shot of the restaurant in its native state.

Very nicely decorated, we were shown to our table, where I managed to score a couch seat! Yay! I wasn’t too impressed with the waitress who showed us to our table due to her lack of enthusiasm, and sadly, she was a bit grumpy on the day too. But never mind that. Our spirits were still quite high.


And so to start the dinner, we had some warm bread served to us, complimentary – which I thought was a nice touch (but really, who wouldn’t when they have freebies on offer?!)… Came with a nice serve of butter, and because I was hungry, it was really enjoyable.

Wasn’t long before we decided on our respective orders:

  • Serves of Scotch/Eye Fillet with Mushroom/Pepper sauce on the side
  • 1 serve of Caesar’s Salad
  • Asahi Beer (no prizes for guessing who had this!)
Not much variety, I know, but hey, this is a steakhouse! (:
The caesar’s salad was below average to my mind (and the mother’s). Maybe because it’s been a long long time since we had caesar’s salad and was really hoping for one that would blow our minds away, but this was really not up to scratch, unfortunately. If not for the fact that the greens are pure essentials in our diet these days, I think I might not actually have finished the bowl.

You’d have a choice of chips and baked potato when you order the steak, so we had two serves with chips and one serve with baked potato.

The mother was not that impressed with her steak… apparently it was “average” to her mind. She does usually have more of a fussy set of taste buds, but on this occasion I actually agree with her. I have definitely had better steaks given the price we paid (and don’t get me wrong, the price was reasonable). And perhaps it was that whole hype about my previous experience that left me disappointed with this.

I ordered my steak medium rare, and it came out about medium to medium well, so there was a bit more chewing to do than I would have really liked. Chips were not seasoned, and although we did get a decent serve of the sauces, I think $4.50 is a bit of a stretch.

The medium steak that Mom ordered looked about the same colour as mine, which made me wonder about their consistencies with cooking of the steak.

The service was average, nothing too big to boast about, and considering that it was a pretty empty restaurant when we went there, we had to make quite the effort to get the attention of the wait staff.

I will probably give it another go some other time, but with so many other new places opening, it may not be anytime soon.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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