Kido’s Japanese Cuisine, Crawley

After such a long break from actual restaurant blogging, I have finally decided to get back into the real business (not that I was slack in the first place! *sheepish grin*).

Kido’s Japanese Cuisine has been around the area of the University of Western Australia for ages now, but to my own disbelief, I only tried it recently (i.e. in the last couple of months!)… I have already graduated from the university for about 5 years now, and to think that I have never really stepped into this establishment, is, in my own mind a bit of an embarrassment. But I shall live with it, and will just focus on getting my own thoughts about this place to you fine people.

So as I’ve mentioned, Kido’s has been around this area for as long as I can remember, and because our favourite Fuji Japanese Restaurant (now re-opened and re-named as Buen 151 along Chapman Street!) was closed… we were in search for a new Japanese restaurant, hopefully offering the same authenticity as our beloved Fuji.

So with the help of the people from urbanspoon, we found ourselves making a booking for Kido’s.

From the outside, you’d really wonder how the establishment can possibly be a restaurant, because the door and corridor seems all so narrow, but it is all but a deception! As you enter through, it opens up to an area that can sit up to about 10 tables (including some nice traditional Japanese style seats/table settings.

It was a cold winter’s night, so it was lovely to be in the warm restaurant.


Kido’s offer quite an interesting menu in that it has a set menu with which you can choose various items between different sets – which gives you good flexibility with the food that you may wish to eat. There is also a range of sushi combination that may whet your appetite, particularly if you are a sushi lover.

In any case, we decided to order the following:

  • Tempura + Bowl of Rice
  • Salmon Teriyaki + Bowl of Rice
  • Beef Teriyaki + Bowl of Rice
  • Croquettes
  • Agedashi Tofu
  • Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean Pancake

I had the tempura, and it was a good size serving. The best part for me, was really the mushroom tempura! Love love absolutely love mushies, and having this as tempura was a pure treat! I have to say the tempura was a bit on the soggy side. There wasn’t much of a crisp to the items, so I was left just a tad disappointed. However, I did go back there again after this dinner, and it was good then. So perhaps inconsistency with this dish.


Momsey had the beef teriyaki, with which she was really pleased with, so much so that she orders this each time we visit Kido’s now. There is a unique flavour, as described by her, and I suppose because they actually use steak pieces, instead of shredded beef, there is a lot more texture to the dish overall. There was a little salad on the side too, but this was not really mom’s cup of tea in terms of the accompanying dressing because it was a touch too sour… but I the ‘sour queen’ of the family absolutely loved it!


Dad had the salmon dish (I don’t recall the actual name of the dish) with a bowl of rice (without a doubt). The salmon came out looking fresh, with a nice dribble (well, okay it was more than a dribble) of butter, and a lemon wedge to cut the oil from the butter as well. It was something a little different from what we were used to in a Japanese restaurant, but according to Dad, this was a lovely little dish. I had a taste myself, and found it to be rather enjoyable. I reckon it was mainly because of the butter, but hey, butter is good!


The two side dishes we ordered were quite average, although I did appreciate the little added chilli powder in the agedashi tofu that gave it a nice oomph chilli factor in the overall taste of the dish. The croquettes were average, and towards being a let down even. Wouldn’t be ordering that again.

 We ended the (already full) meal with some green tea ice cream that came with red bean pancakes. I’ve always loved these Japanese red bean pancakes, and was really eager to see if they were as lovely as I remember them to be.

The green tea ice cream wasn’t too bad, though they did leave some traces of the vanilla ice cream not well mixed in with the green tea. The red bean pancake was alright, not impressive, but it didn’t annoy the taste buds either, so it was a pretty decent way to end the meal.

Service at this joint was good and friendly.

I have to say though that prices at this place is a tad inflated, and if you’re keen and love a good size feed, then I’d urge you to go for their set menu because that would be worth the money. And if you’ve got a smaller appetite, and are dining with people, then perhaps the way to go would be to have one set, and another main, and share. Food here is a bit pricey, but I do believe it bears an authenticity close enough to Japan. (:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Kido’s Japanese Cuisine
Telephone: (08) 9389 8087
Address: Shop 1/126 Broadway, Crawley

Kido's Japanese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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