Sala Thai, Fremantle


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I have heard good stuff about this place from review sites like Urbanspoon, and from other people, and since this place is in the Entertainment Book, there was no reason why I shouldn’t be checking this out!

Along Norfolk Road, there is decent parking space, but with Fremantle becoming such a hot place to be at any point in the week, it was a bit of a hunt to find a parking space, but we managed to sort that out.

Entering the place, it seems as though the place is a bit small, but is definitely not the case. They had a nice way of arranging the table, and the place was able to fit quite a fair bit of people.

Sifting through the menu, we found ourselves ordering the following:

  • Tom Yum Koong (x 3)
  • Pik Gai Yad Sai (Stuffed chicken wings)
  • Gang Ped (Red Duck Curry)
  • Pad Pak Ruam Mit (Stir Fried Vegatables)
  • Fresh Mango and Sweet Sticky Rice


The stuffed chicken wings were so very fantastic, and we were so glad that we ordered this dish as an entree. We were going to order two serves because there were only two wings in each serve, but the waitress was nice enough to accommodate us to have three instead, and charge us accordingly. There was a nice mixture of ingredients in the stuffing, and the amazing bit of it is how the deep frying didn’t leave the chicken meat too dry at all. It was certainly a joy to eat.

The Tom Yum Koong was something we enjoyed, as we usually do… it is one of those dishes that is an unspoken order. It is a well loved soup of our family, and is sort of a must-order whenever we go to Thai restaurants.

This soup was certainly up to expectations. Nice, tangy, with that little zesty flavour, but we were not too impressed with the price. Probably the only thing we did not like about this. A little overpriced.

Unlike some other Thai restaurants, you don’t really get a choice of prawns, seafood, chicken with the Tom Yum Koong. This one came with prawns, and a nice serve of field mushrooms.


The stir fried vegetables dish was pretty average, but it was a nice little break from the heaviness of the coconut in the curry and oil from the fried chicken. There was also a nice amount of variety in the dish as well. The taste was typical of any stir fried vegetables.

The red duck curry was probably the best red duck curry I have tried so far in the Thai restaurants that I have visited. The consistency with the curry was just nice, the thickness of the curry was just beautiful, and the taste. The taste. THE TASTE. It was amazingly amazing that left me in pure amazement. I don’t usually speak of curries this way, but this is quite deserving of it. If you like duck, you have to order this. And who would think a fruit like lychee could be eaten in combination with curry? Absolute briliance! (:

This is another Thai dish that we tend to order, as an unspoken assumption. It is something we have eaten good and bad versions of, so I was personally quite excited to find out how it is.

To my pleasant surprise, the dish was presented well, and had a lovely taste to it. Unlike some other version of the mango with sticky rice, the one served at Sala Thai had a good generous serving of coconut milk that came with the sticky rice. This made it easier to eat the whole dish, and provided a better overall flavour.

Overall, this place is by far one of my favourite Thai restaurants in Perth, and I would highly recommend the red duck currey and mango with sweet sticky rice for you fine people if you haven’t been there.

The ambiance was rather pleasant, the service average, but accommodating overall.

Will definitely be visiting this place again sometime! (:

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Sala Thai Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 9335 7749
Address: 22 Norfolk Street, Fremantle

Sala Thai Restaurant (Fremantle) on Urbanspoon

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