The Attic, Fremantle


Having been wanting to find a good breakfast place, I went on a search in my trusty urbanspoon website, and came cross The Attic situated in Fremantle.

Receiving rave reviews, I decided that the next brekkie outing should be right there!

So off we went, us three, DAW, SK and me.

This place is actually quite easily missed if you don’t look out for it whilst driving because it is neatly tucked (and camouflaged might I add) into the brick building along Bannister Street. So make sure you have your eyes peeled open if you haven’t been before!

They don’t boast a big space within the cafe, but I do love its rustic and amazingly cosy feel to their establishment. And aptly named the Attic, the main seating area, is really up on their attic (: So we made our way up, and though we arrived at about 10am, it was already packed out! Kerazzzzyyyy.

Anyhow, we managed to patiently wait for a smallish table that would allow three people to (quite) comfortably have their brekkie.

DAW and I arrived first, so we took our time deliberating their menu, which had a relatively small range to choose from (I see it as a good thing here).

Before we knew it, SK arrives and we were ready to order!

  • 3 x Shakshouka (free range eggs baked Tunisian style served with toasts)
  • 2 x juices (I believe they were some awesome mix but I don’t remember what it is! sigh. the memory)
  • 2  x Lattes

There are three different types of shakshoukas that one may wish to order:

  1. Traditional
  2. Chorizo
  3. Spinach

And once again, the memory fails as to what we ordered exactly, but I’m 90% sure that DAW ordered the Chorizo version.



So the shakshoukas were presented very prettily on wooden boards, with a nice iron pan, which hid the freshly baked eggs drowned with spinach. I have to say (from my rather faded memory) that DAW’s chorizo shakshouka was probably the best because it earned the most “oooooooo”. I personally wouldn’t say it is wowee awesome! But it was a nice change from the usual big breakfasts that we’d get in other cafes.

The juice was refreshingly awesome! I loved it so much I really wanted another glass, but I was just too much of a scrooge to spend that money on another juice and I really wanted to try the coffee.

The coffee was decent, and had no typical bitter after taste you may get with other types of coffees. So kudos to them for this!

We had to wait quite a while for the food as they were really busy, so I would suggest really going there as early as you can if you want to avoid the waiting time. But it would also be during the waiting time that you’d probably be catching up with your mates anyway, so either way!

The wait staff were generally friendly, but I have definitely seen better service around.

Overall a really cool little funky place for people to just meet for coffee, hang out and have a good catch up time!

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

The Attic
Telephone: (08) 9385 6248
Address: 16 Bannister Street, Fremantle

The Attic Fremantle on Urbanspoon

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