Modo Mio, Burswood


Quoting from the above website:

Modo Mio meaning ‘my way’ offers authentic Italian cuisine of unsurpassed quality, served with passion in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Recruited from Milan, Chef de Cuisine Giampaolo Maffini has created a delicious menu that showcases his love for honest Italian cooking using fresh local produce and time-honoured, traditional family recipes.

My first visit here was prior to the best musical I have watched (only twice)… and because of the musical, it was a set menu with which we were only given a portion of the full menu that Modo Mio had to offer.

I didn’t mind that one bit because I really didn’t know what to expect of this new place that took over the once well-known Victoria Station steakhouse.

Did not take us too long to deliberate on this because it was quite a  small variety of dishes to choose from:

  • Burrata con insalata di crescione e pomodori
    Burrata cheese, fresh tomato, basil, watercress salad
  • Prosciutto di Parma e melone
    Parma ham, rockmelon
  • Penne
  • Barramundi
  • Pizza Pollo (chicken)
  • Tiramisu
  • Panna Cotta


We were served quite promptly after our order was taken of some bread rolls, and some balsamic vinegar + olive oil + sea salt. Very well presented, needless to say (just look at what is a thousand words!). I thought the rolls could have been warmer, but it was all good (: I enjoyed the combination of all three condiments, and couldn’t have asked for a better start to the meal.



We had A.C’s husband with us on this occasion, who happens to be of Italian descent, and what better to get feedback than to ask the man himself! He had the burrata entree, and found it to be absolutely delicious. From memory, he cleaned his plate up nice and dry!

The prosciutto was my choice, and what a divine combination it was with the rockmelon! I was also given some cheese, and I tried every combination I could – every one of them worked wonders. I absolutely loved it. One of the fresher parma hams I have tried around in Perth, so do give it a go if you are a fan of this variety of meat.



The mains were not the usual mains you’d find in the everyday dinner menu, except for the Pizza Pollo.

AC’s husband who had this pizza loved it much, and said it was very good. It must have been because he just kept going and going and going!! I wish I had a bite of this but my pasta was quite a bit on its own, and with the rockmelon and parma ham starting to make its way through the digestive system, it was just safer to err on the side of caution with regards to overeating *winks*

I had the penne pasta, which was in a rich tomato based sauce, with some ricotta cheese on the top. I must say I am not the biggest fan of ricotta, but there wasn’t an overpowering amount of this, so I was quite glad. (: The serving of the pasta was just right, and the flavour just nice for me. I would have liked some sort of chilli to go with it (Asian, much?) but this was certainly tasty enough for me.

AC and SC both had the Barramundi, and said that it was nice. I must admit that the barramundi on offer in the dinner menu is certainly much better in terms of presentation and from the sounds of it (comparing my own and mom’s view of it with AC and SC’s)… the overall taste as well. Just on a side note that Mom doesn’t usually take fish as a main but because she couldn’t find something that was too suitable to her palate she decided to try the fish and was giving it such raving reviews, I almost fell off my chair! I had a try myself, and oooh la la! Absolutely lovely.

Dessert time!



During this evening, I think the desserts were the highlight for me (quite rare). I did not try the Pannacotta, but look at that generous serve of strawberries! It’s divine just looking at it. From what I heard, AC and hubby certainly enjoyed it. (: The Tiramisu was the star of the evening for me – by far the best I have tried in Perth in a while! I did give up on finding the greatest Tiramisu, and I figured since this is an Italian place, I really should give this one a go, and there was absolutely no regrets. There was just the right amount of cream, and sponge fingers and kahlua/coffee soaked in them. It was just absolutely beautiful. I love love love, and now every time I do go back there, it is a must-order for me – and this is usually when I start falling over the edge of ‘overeating’.

Service was delightful, and definitely worth complimenting. They were attentive, and were happy to explain to us the dishes (among our other visits) and what is popular. I love the set up – simple, yet so classy, and with the food so lovely (already been back there twice after this initial visit)… I will definitely recommend going to Modo Mio for some good ol’ Italian food!

Other dishes worthwhile trying:

  • Garlic Bread (it is not your typical garlic bread, is all I will say)
  • Snapper (another great fish dish!)
  • Squid ink pasta
  • Jerusalem artichoke soup (divine!)
Accredited online colleges have culinary arts classes if you would like to learn how to become a chef.
Having read Miss Egg’s lovely review, Miss L couldn’t help but add her two cents worth of photos and comments of Modo Mio.  The VERDICT – she loves it too…the setting, the menu, the food…the service!
Dishes ordered:
  • Fettucine al nero di seppia, granchio, zucchine, capesante, vino bianco $30 (Homemade black ink fettucine, crab, scallops, zucchini, white wine, garlic, chilli, fresh tomato) – One of the best pasta dishes I have tasted!  Not sure whether I’m influenced by the special black ink fettucine, the dish tasted divine, unlike those instant pasta sauce flavour you get at some Italian restaurant.  Must order!
  • Trota alle mandorle, zucchini farciti, gamberi di frume, salsa al limone $34 (Pan-fried ocean trout, basil, stuffed baby zucchini, yabbies, lemon butter sauce) – A total art piece in presentation, love the bright colours, the look makes you want to tear into the fish immediately.  Does not disappoint.
  •  Filetto di dentice e capesante con carciofi e patate $35 (Pan-fried snapper, seared scallops, globe artichoke & purple potato) – Another art piece on a dish, juicy and tender fish.  The purple potato is a surprise and absolute delight!
Attentive service throughout the night.  Great dinner – highly recommended to try.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Modo Mio 
Telephone: (08) 9362 7551
Address: Burswood Entertainment Complex

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