The Naked Fig, Swanbourne


We had a friend from Singapore visiting who used to be part of our choir at St Thomas More Chapel. We decided to have a catch up with breakfast. Having a real desire to try different breakfast places, we decided to finally try the Naked Fig… especially since we get to enjoy the beautiful (well we had hoped) of the ocean along Cottesloe beach!

When we got there about 10.30am-ish, the place was already packed out to the brim! So there goes our hope of getting that view of the ocean… we were quickly asked how many people, and after informing the wait staff, we were informed that we could wait outside the balcony area until we were going to be called. So we did that. Took some photos. Had some laughs and before long, we were told that we could sit around the function room where there was a big table with about 13-14 seats – which meant we would have  to share the table with others.

Hunger overpowered sharing. We took the inner corner of this function area.

After getting ourselves comfortable on the bar stools (yay for those with backrests!!)… we decided on the following:

  • Grizzly Bear Pancakes (traditional Canadian pancakes, bacon, eggs, gooey maple syrup)
  • Big Fig (free range eggs, free range bacon, breakfast sausage, field mushroom, tomato and thick cut toast)
  • Eggs on Fire (Eggs, bacon, spinach, spicy sundried tomato potato cake, avocado, corn relish)
  • Eggs Benedict (but with Salmon instead)
  • Zinger (Apple, ginger and carrot juice)
  • Pink Panther (Pink grapefruit, strawberry, watermelon)
  • Usual coffees

We had our juices served first, and being the sour person that I am, there is no guessing which one I went for. The Zinger was ordered by A.C. with which I had a taste of.

I loved, absolutely loved the pink panther! What an amazing combination. There was this tangy flavour that came from all those fruits, and the watermelon tamed it down a little. Lovely. The Zinger was quite amazingly gingery. Much more than we’d expected. Twas good.

The coffees were pretty average on the other hand (which explains my lack of photos?)… Also, I have no idea why here is an energizer battery in front of the Zinger. *hmm*

The juices were finished quite fast… I think I actually finished mine before the food came.

We ended up ordering more of the Pink Panther later into the meal too.


One of the variants to the usual breakfast choice we would have was Eggs on Fire, where there was a spicy sundried tomato potato cake (try saying that really quickly!), corn relish, etc. SC ordered this being the vegetable lover she is, and thought the spicy tomato potato cake wasn’t spicy at all… Did not hear too much raving about this, so I believe this was average.

The eggs benedict with smoked salmon was quite the dish you would expect anywhere.


The Big Fig was typical of what you’d find again in typical breakfast places, but they were quite generous with the mushrooms. Two big ones – I have actually seen places where they only give one mushroom of the size you’d find on this plate of Big Fig, quite disappointing to say the least! But this was good in that sense. I actually forgot to ask how the scrambled eggs was. =X Oops. My bad!

Now this is something you don’t see everyday in Perth too – a combination of sweet and salty on the same plate for breakfast. In USA, this is quite common, mainly with waffles and bacon (I’m guilty of being an absolute fan of this odd sweet-salty combination)…

So needless to say, I would have found this combination to be lovely. AC found the grizzly bear pancakes quite nice, and whilst it doesn’t look much on the plate, it actually was quite filing according to my Sound-of-Music partner-in-crime.

Overall, the food here in the Naked Fig is on the average side. Other than wanting that grizzly bear pancakes and pink panther, and possibly getting a great ocean view, I don’t think I’d be in a hurry to get back to this establishment.

The service here was good overall. They did forget a drink order of ours later into our meal, but they were very pleasant about getting that drink to us in haste, without hesitation.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

The Naked Fig Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9384 1222
Address: 278 Marine Parade, Swanbourne 6010

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One thought on “The Naked Fig, Swanbourne

  1. We also had to wait and told to buy our coffee from the takeaway canteen. Food average. Had also tried the Fig in South Beach and that was terrible. This chain needs to lift its game. The views are the best thing about these restaurants.

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