Akheele on Colin, West Perth

Website: http://akheele.com.au


So KDS had been raving about this place during our project team’s Christmas that it made me really really curious!! What is this place that I have never heard before, residing in West Perth, that has KDS all excited for? Situated at the West End Village along Colin Street in West Perth, I would never have noticed this place, since I don’t dwell much into this side of town… and this is precisely why I love people who suggest/recommend new places to me, so big thank you to KDS! (:

Anyhoo, upon entering this place, you already feel this nice cosy feeling – something I haven’t come across in a cafe in a long long while. It almost feels like you’re walking into the woods, with tables and chairs for you to just sit around, relax and have a good chillin’ out time.

Knowing the director of the place, Tony, KDS quickly introduced Duncle and myself to him, and we found ourselves with a table reserved for us at the back, where we had a nice view of the cafe, with views on the side of the cute little pond they had, and beneath some lovely trees… ahh… the Christmas lunch was certainly shaping up!

I had already looked at the website to deliberate on what I was going to have for luncheon, but upon arriving, I had second thoughts about what I was really going to order and started looking through the menu again.

We had our drinks ordered first, and before long, we had to make our final decisions on food. Here were our orders for our long-awaited lunch!

  • Grilled Chicken Burger with lettuce, avocado mash, & mojo mayonnaise served with chips ($18)
  • Salt n Pepper squid  Thai style with cucumber, mint and Tahitian lime dressing ($18.50)
  • Pad Thai chicken skewers with BBQ mushroom, spinach, tomato and coriander salad ($17)
  • Sticky Date Pudding with hot toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream ($8.50)
  • Lemonata (Lemon San Pellagrino)
  • Iced Chocolate
  • Skinny Cappuccino

Let’s dive right into the food!


I shall start with the grilled chicken burger, which was my dish… really, a lovely, great, tasty chicken burger! And the best part was how it was grilled, so it wasn’t as heavy as you’d get in other places where they would crumb the chicken and have the patty deep fried, making it too oily and heavy on the tummy. Akheele left it to the chips for that fatness, and those chips. YUMMMMO. Take it from me when I say that the chips were good (well, this is assuming you like your food on the salty side, which I generally tend to do). They season their chips well, and the texture was lovely (i.e. lots of potato goodness in each chip!). Winner for me. Oh, one more important factor – the chicken was NOT dry. KUDOS!!!!


Dearest KDS had the salt and pepper squid, and for this post, I will have quotes from my fellow diners being posted… so with this dish, we have our regular customer saying:

As a regular the consistency of the food is exquisite and the service is excellent!

Well, this pretty much says it all doesn’t it! (: I had a taste of this dish, and I have to say it was beautiful. SC came with me for lunch again not too long ago and found this a tad too salty for her liking – so I guess this place serves dishes more for the salty palate (like mine). Tasty good stuff though! Mmm. If you love squid and food on the salty side, this is the thing to order.


Duncle’s view of his Pad Thai chicken skewers:

Exemplary! of the chicken skewer pad thai.

Just like Duncle to mix up the actual name of the dish *wink*.  I don’t think I actually had a taste of this because I was too self-absorbed with my own chicken burger, so we’ll have to take his word for this (: I can say though, that Duncle does know when he eats something yummy in his tummy.


The Lemonata was what you would expect from San Pellagrino. A very nice refreshing drink to have during a warm summer day, and with a generous serving of ice, it was perfecto for KDS and me!

Duncle ordered Iced Chocolate (almost as usual)… and said it was awesome – and I wouldn’t see why it wasn’t when he finished this only shortly into our meals! Great entree?

The skinny cappuccino that I had after the meal was actually really lovely. I’m not sure of the type of beans they use, but it certainly has a nice after taste… not the atypical bitter and sometimes disgusting after taste that you’d get with coffees from other cafes.

And yes, the sticky date pudding.

The sticky date pudding came out, and it was just sitting in a nice little pool of hot toffee sauce as per what the menu had described. So listen to this story. Duncle ordered this dessert because of his sweet tooth. KDS and I looked at it with enthusiasm and some sort of envy in our eye. Duncle kindly offered us a taste of it. We both declined politely. Duncle then breaks open the pudding, soaked the piece in some toffee sauce, and scooped some ice cream before having the first mouthful of this dessert. All we had was:


Then the look of “you sure you don’t want some?”. KDS then gave it a try too. And then we had another:


Then silly me, “really really?!!!”. Looked at the pudding again, before saying “okay, I have to try this since you both are raving about it. And so I did the same, and as it melted… KDS and Duncle laughed at my not-shown-very-often-omg-this-is-so-friggin’-good facial expression.

Need I say more?

Overall, the food was such a wonderful change from the usually average quality food we would get from Perth City for the same price. The service at Akheele is excellent. Exemplary, as what Duncle would say. Attentive, patient, and very friendly. This is a place I would be willing to take the time off to visit from Perth on the Red Cat for lunch!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Akheele on Colin
Telephone: (08) 9485 2000
Address: 75B Colin Street, West Perth

Akheele on Colin on Urbanspoon

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