Amphoras, West Perth


At one stage, Miss Anise, SK, DP and myself had this thing for tapas, and so we set up a relatively short-lived-but-fun-while-it-lasted tapas club in which we visited various places serving tapas.

This occasion we found ourselves in Amphoras Bar in West Perth.

We invited Miss Anise’s lovely husband JT along as well. The more the merrier for tapas, after all, right? *wink*

Upon arriving, we found the bar already pretty packed out, with people having the usual after work drinks on a Friday – and why not! The bar had a nice feel to it, and because of the dim lights, created a somewhat cosy and romantic feel.

Deliberating the menu wasn’t too easy a task, but we managed to get by with the help of a little booze. We finally ordered:

  • Trumer Pils (for moi)
  • Bottle of Red (not too sure what the real name was, but it is what I think nicknamed “Mother’s Ruin”.
  • Pedro Ximenez glazed Rosa’s  chorizo w/ corn bread
  • Margaret River wagyu meat balls with porcini mushroom jus
  • Pork Cheek and Scallop
  • Special for the day – stuffed squid
  • Prawns with special made sauce (you can tell I have forgotten what this dish was called!)
  • Dorper lamb pintxos, sweet potato puree, broccolini
  • Apple, rocket, beetroot salad

Mmmm. Let’s just get started on the photos!



The chorizo soaked with pedro ximenez was probably the favourite dish of the night amongst everyone. It had such a nice amount of pedro in it, and mixed with that spiciness of that chorizo, yummo!!

The salad was pretty good too – it was simple, and it was a risk for us (namely SK and myself) because we were not biggest fans of beetroot. But I have to say, this was a salad that changed the opinions of us not-so-much-beetroot fans. We were happy with the taste of the salad, though I wouldn’t rave too much about it since a salad is a salad. I would say it was a good combination of ingredients.

The pork cheek and scallop was a disappointment for us with the taste being a far cry from the one served at Andaluz. It didn’t have that character that we were looking for in this sweet-as combination. The taste was alright, but not fantastic either. Wouldn’t be ordering this dish again for sure.

The stuffed squid sounded lovely on the menu and when described by the wait staff, but it wasn’t all that appetising in reality. I am off squid these days, so I had to rely on the reviews of Miss Anise and the gang this evening for this dish and it was really quite average from the response of my fellow diners.

So we have 2 up and 2 down.


I am not the biggest fan of lamb because eating too much of this meat actually causes a real increase of heat in my body (i.e. lamb gives me fever) … yes, unfortunate I know. =( But anyway! I had a little bit of the lamb served with broccolini… and it was actually rather tasty! I wouldn’t know if this was exceptional lamb since I am not a lamb person, but I didn’t get a real ‘wow’ out from the gang, so I would suppose this is quite the average dish.

The prawns… well, average, really. It didn’t really live up to how it did sound on the menu (and I cannot even remember how the menu described it to be! eek)

The wagyu meat balls were probably the next best dish (for me personally at least), next to the Chorizos. It had a nice moist texture, but what really brought the flavour out was the porcini mushroom jus! And LOTS of jus for that matter!! Just the way I like it… we liked it so much that we used the corn bread to soak in all that jus too! Whee.

Service here was a hit and miss in my opinion, somewhat like the food. We got served by different waitstaff, and whilst some were friendly/helpful, others were a bit distracted (for lack of a better word).

I would come back for the chorizo and the meatballs, but I wouldn’t be rushing back here in all honesty because there is just so many other tapas places to try.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Amphoras Bar
Telephone: (08) 9226 4666
Address: 1303 Hay Street, West Perth

Amphoras Bar on Urbanspoon

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