The Dizzy Witch Cafe, Northbridge


So SK and I missed out on catching up one Friday evening, and we figured perhaps we could do a relatively quick brekkie on Saturday morning before she had to go meet up with another friend. Onwards we went with urbanspoon and I stumbled across this place with pretty decent ratings called The Dizzy Witch. Sounds enticing enough! Did a bit more research into the menu, location and before I knew it, the time and place was set.

It is along Brisbane St in Northbridge, which already makes it more convenient than the usual suspects of Northbridge roads like “William St”, or “Roe St”, where parking can be a real hassle. We had absolutely no issues trying to find parking this rather sunny Saturday morning, and we made our way in and found ourselves a little spot in the corner to sit and peruse the menu (again for me).

In line with the witchy name of the café, the names of the dishes followed suit with “warlock”, “wizard” all making it into the menu. One of the first things I did notice too, about the menu, was the good variety of dishes they had available for order, which was great.

Anyway, onward we go, we ended up ordering the following between the two of us:

  • Eggs Benedict Griselda
  • Mushrooms on Toast Esmeralda
  • Skinny Cappuccino
  • Caramel Milkshake

Didn’t take too long before our drinks and food orders came through.


I had the eggs benedict, and it was lovely that they use free range eggs for all their dishes. Score! And I loved loved loved the fact that they had wilted spinach with the ham for eggs benedict – something you don’t usually get with benedicts (not in my mind at least).  The taste of this dish is quite typical. They did mention a spicy hollandaise sauce but it wasn’t all that spicy, really. The wholemeal bread did soak up all that hollandaise and egg yolk goodness (oh, those eggs were poached beautifully!). Good ham too.

The mushrooms on toast was the highlight for the morning. It came out looking so creamy, generous in serving, and just looked so good to eat! Smelt even better, so SK was pretty damn keen to get started on that dish. And lo and behold, it did taste as good as it looked! I had a bit of it too and it was marvellous. The fact that it was creamy, and fat, and together with the bread to give that additional character, lovely. I am almost definitely going to order that the next time I head there.


The caramel milkshake received pretty good reviews from SK, but my skinny cap was a bit disappointing. I am not sure if it is because of that heavy breakfast I had with the benedict, but it certainly tasted odd that morning. I am willing to give it another go, but the coffee that morning just did not taste right. Hmm.

With a casual, relaxing setting to this place, with a variety of seating arrangements (i.e. there is the sofa type chairs, the normal café chairs, etc.)… and such a lovely first experience, there is no reason why I wouldn’t go back there again sometime. Service was what you would expect in any café. I would give it a neutral.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

The Dizzy Witch Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9228 1501
Address: 199 Brisbane Street, Northbridge

The Dizzy Witch Café on Urbanspoon

3 thoughts on “The Dizzy Witch Cafe, Northbridge

  1. I may have to try this place out as mushrooms on toast for brekkie is my favourite! :) Plus, spinach & ham together on an egg benedict dish is a rare thing! Definitely a score!

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