Prego, Floreat


Entertainment Card 2011/12: Complimentary MAIN for any MAIN purchased (up to $50 value)

SK and I had wanted to head to a new Italian place where we haven’t been to, so in a bid to find the place to visit before my trip to Singapore, we finally decided on Prego, which has received pretty good reviews on as well as urbanspoon.

So off we went after a couple of drinks to Prego, and we found ourselves turning into this little car park at the back of the restaurant, and found a neat little spot. We were able to enter the restaurant from the back too, which made it very convenient. Lovely set up I say.

As we entered, there was this amazing classy-ness to this place. I felt underdressed to say the least (as I usually do anyway). But we were politely shown to the table and we had a nice little cosy spot.

The waiter, clearly Italian gave us our menus and then gave us some time to deliberate. During this time, I visited the restroom, and told SK to just order a wine for me, and she did a great job in ordering a Pinot Gris (or Pinot Grigio, eek. Memory fail again!), which turned out to be lovely.

Anyway, onwards with our orders:

  • Carpaccio tradizionale e moderno (raw tender beef carpaccio served two ways – truffle mushroom aioli / lemon, olive oil, pesto and parmesan)
  • Capesante al funghi (WA scallops lightly sealed on a bed of oyster mushrooms, served with mustard vinaigrette, chilli salsa and a sprinkle of tomato coulit)
  • Polleto e gamberi (duo of spatchcock and tiger prawns served with crispy gnocchi, baked Portobello mushroom in a lemon sauce and chilli salsa)
  • Special Pork for the day
  • Tiramisu to share

We were given a complimentary starter before we started our “feast”. Alas, I don’t remember what it actually tasted like though. Boo hoo hoo!

The carpaccio that I had was such a generous serving, and because of the olive oil, it made for this dish to be rather heavy on the tummy. That said, the taste was pretty out of this world (in a good way). I would probably order this again but share it with whoever I am dining with.

The capesante that SK had was less tasty than the carpaccio, and wouldn’t be something I would order if I were to dine at this venue again. It had all the lovely presentation that you would expect based on the description in the menu, and there is a generous serving of scallops, but with the price of $20.90 for that entrée, it is to be expected I believe.



The pollento e gamberi appeared as a lovely dish, but the overall taste of the dish was a little less than how it appeared to be. I have to say the spatchcock that I had at Bouchon Bistro was tastier. The crispy gnocchi did not leave me with too much of a memory, so I think it is safe to say it was average.

The special pork of the day was such a generous serving that it gave me a real surprise (OK, it was somewhat a shock but it wasn’t the strength of the shock if you know what I mean *wink*). The taste was apparently alright – not overwhelmingly good, but it wasn’t bad either. Average may be the word for it.



By this time, we were already full but wanted to have something sweet to end the dinner – so we shared a tiramisu.

It was, as with the other dishes we had for the evening, beautiful with presentation. And it had a lovely taste too! I quite enjoyed this dessert. (:

The service was one of the best I have seen in Perth, with the Italian waiter who served us ever so attentive and friendly. He spoke to us about how he came to Perth, and is now really into indoor soccer and is part of the indoor soccer association. And much to our delight, we also had a complimentary serve of limoncello liquor – YUMMO! I had a sip but because I was driving, we only had the one glass.

I do find the food here rather steep with prices, particularly with the entrée, but I would not mind coming back here after such a wonderful experience with the service, the overall classy ambiance (despite my not so classy style), and pretty decent food (particularly the carpaccio and tiramisu!).

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Prego Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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