The Iron Pot, South Fremantle


Probably unknown to non-residents of South Fremantle, The Iron Pot was something that I came across on the kind souls of Urbanspoon, and after seeing such rave reviews on the food there, told SK about it, and decided we should pay them a visit on Friday evening.

We made our way there, and at one stage thought we might have missed the place because we found ourselves venturing into unknown territories. But being the trusty navigator SK is, she directed us to our spot accurately. Yay!

We did not expect that it would be an extension of an already existing bar, but the moment we walked in, we were transported to another place. It felt somewhat casual, cosy, but not too pub-like. Very interesting.

We deliberated on their menu, and it wasn’t too long before we decided on the following:

  • Iron Pot Wings (“Col” hot hot hot style!)
  • Crispy Pork Belly – with Rocket Walnut Salad, Apple puree and Maple glaze
  • “Tender Ridge” Beef Eye Fillet – Served with French Fries, salad and topped with Café de Paris butter and jus
  • Jude’s Hot Hazelnut & Chocolate Pudding – Served with Vanilla Ice Cream (allow 15 minutes for preparation)


The Iron Pot Wings is a definitely MUST TRY at the iron pot! I actually think they named the place after these wings because we thoroughly enjoyed the savoury, yet spicy, yet tangy taste as we bit through the succulent chicken wings. Absolutely delightful. The spice was just enough for me to resist scratching my head (a little quirk of mine whenever I eat food that might be too spicy! I call it my spice-o-meter). Mmmm. Would love some now!


The crispy pork belly being devoured by none other than the queen of pork bellies SK was served elegantly, and looked absolutely appetising to the eye. True to its description in the menu (don’t you just hate it when the food that are served are sometimes nothing like what they are described to be in the menu!), I asked SK how it was, and actually had a taste. I must say this is one dish that actually looked better than it tasted, unfortunately. The crispy skin wasn’t too crispy, the taste alright. One of those decent dishes, but nothing “wow”.


I enjoyed my cow that evening. Generous serving of butter and jus, and with a nice little bowl French Fries to end the main, why not? I ordered the usual medium rare and it came out quite nicely medium rare, though almost arriving to a state of medium. Nevertheless, a lovely dish and for a price of $32, totally worthwhile! Yum. I would order that again.


We ended the evening with the in-house specialty (or so I assume) hot hazelnut and chocolate pudding. Came out smelling absolutely wonderful, but it wasn’t too much to our palate’s awesomeness rating. It was nice to end off the evening with that dish, but I have tasted better puddings.

Service here was friendly and casual – just the way I like it on a Friday evening out to chillax. I was impressed with how the wait staff were so close-knitted – the makings of a great team to my mind!

This was a great experience, and I definitely see myself coming back here again. Already told Momsey that I would bring her here for their awesome wings. So watch out Iron Pot, Miss Egg will be back for more of those wings!

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

The Iron Pot on Urbanspoon

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