P’tite Ardoise Bistro, Highgate

Website: http://www.ptiteardoisebistro.com.au

Very excited about this new establishment after taking over The Beaufort Street Steakhouse, we decided that we have to try this place, especially when there seems to be more and more French eateries popping up around Perth.

My first attempt at making the booking was quite disappointing to say the least. I had left a message for them, and when I hadn’t heard from them after a day later, I decided to give them a call to check if they had received my message. Alas, they hadn’t! So I requested to see if I could make the booking for the Friday anyway, with which I was told it was not possible since it was already fully booked. Disappointed since I knew for sure I had left the message. The person on the other line apologised quite profusely though.

So I decided to give it another go this other day, and this time, I ensured we were confirmed with a booking. Yay!

Since this was a BYO wine restaurant, we thought it’d be good to bring a bottle. And we did exactly that.

Arriving in this little place, you immediately have this sense of cosy-ness that you don’t usually find in other restaurants. Plus! We were then seated at our table, which was just directly in front of the bar, and somewhat just outside the kitchen. Would have preferred a better seat (especially considering that we did make a booking quite a fair bit in advance) but this will do.

Whilst waiting for DP to arrive, SK and I were being asked if we would like some bread, to which we politely declined because we wanted to just wait for DP before we started digging in.


Upon her arrival, we were then asked again if we wanted bread, to which DP replied “yes”. Must have been a hungry girl! So we were presented a basket of bread to which we had a few choices… Olive, White, MultiGrain (?). This came together with some olive oil, butter and olive tapenade. Beautiful accompaniment, and there is always something about French butter! I am a bread lover, so I had two rolls, and found myself thinking, “oh dear, are you sure you can fit in more food?”

One thing about this place that I do appreciate is how they have two sides of the menu, a Classiques (which is available everyday) and Menu du Jour (which is a menu that changes daily). Puts a little bit ofvariety!

In any case, we made our decisions:

  • Escargot a ma facon (Snails cooked my way)
  • Terrine du Chef
  • Fillet Mignon
  • Pork Medallion
  • Ox tail Croustade with Red Square Cheese, Rocket Salad, apple cider sauce
  • Special dessert (French Donuts served with fairy floss)
  • Serve of steamed vegetables


The Escargot came out looking and smelling delish! I loved the fact that it wasn’t the typical way of cooking snails you would see in other places (i.e. cooked with butter and garlic). One serve of this dish has three little cups, which was perfect for us that evening since there was 3 of us. Score!

The taste of this dish was pretty good, I was quite a happy camper by the time I emptied (and almost licked it clean) the little tea cup.

The terrine du chef was something DP requested to order, and whilst I am not a terrine sort of gal, I believe DP said this was not too bad. Certainly wasn’t wow-ing over this, but it was alright.


The fillet mignon that I had was cooked medium rare, and I found it alright. It was cooked rather nicely and perhaps I never warmed up too much to béarnaise (and why did I order this? I don’t know!)… so it was an average experience.


The pork medallion that SK had came out looking quite appetising but I was told it was also on the average side of things. Nothing too wow, unfortunately.

DP’s order of the ox tail was apparently average too. Hmm. There seems to be a trend with our orders this evening. Common theme of average.

Then came the dessert to which we had and shared since we were so full from the entrée and mains.

The donut with fairy floss came out looking fantabulous! Absolutely pretty. Did not really want to disturb it because it looked so pretty. But eat we must! So we dived right in. It was nice and sweet, but again, it wasn’t something we went, “wow!” over. Nice dessert, lovely way to end the meal, but it didn’t have that “wow” factor.

Service was excellent this evening with the friendly, attentive and obliging staff.

One thing that we were caught out with was the price of the bread (didn’t really take notice in the first place, and initially thought it was complimentary)… at $3.50 a head, unless you’re really hungry, love bread (like me), and would be able to finish off the other dishes as well, this may not be worth ordering at the start – and note that the question would be “would you like some bread?”… with which, sometimes (as with our case), could be misunderstood as complimentary bread.


The other thing was the price of the corkage with which we were quite blown away because it was $10 per bottle, which to us was a bit steep for corkage. So just as a note of caution there, fellow people!

I would come back again to this establishment to try out some of their other dishes, but perhaps not too soon.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

P’tite Ardois Bistro
Telephone: (08) 9228 2008
Address: 283 Beaufort Street, Highgate

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3 thoughts on “P’tite Ardoise Bistro, Highgate

  1. Having already had the terrine and a glass of wine previously at this lovely french bisto , we decided to make sure of a place and booked in advance.Early Friday evening we took the parents , who have resided in France for 15 years , and went to the 6pm sitting , before heading off to Ellingtons for some cool jazz..
    What a joy ! Attentive service , great food (no room for dessert , unfortunatly ) and lovely ambiance.Do try the Filet Mignon , superbly cooked and all the meals excellent and well presented.We felt $10 for corkage was very reasonable (nice glasses and changed for each wine) and one would take a decent wine to a decent reasuarant n’est pas?? Hate to tell everyone about this little gem !

  2. Try finding a restaurant anywhere where the mark-up on a bottle of wine is <$10 and I think you will find the "corkage" here is pretty reasonable

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