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Having enjoyed the lovely food presented during the Beaufort Street Roving Dinner, we made a pact to make sure we head back there to try some of the other dishes Raah had to offer, and to re-live those great moments we had during the dinner.

It was quite a feat for SK to plan this because the group numbers was increasing, but ultimately, it ended becoming a nice intimate dinner for 6 of us this evening. And lucky for PK because he had the company of 5 ladies! But poor him because all 5 ladies have hearty appetites! There wouldn’t actually be more food for him to consume. Tee hee.

I was the first to arrive and found it a bit difficult to snap some photos because of the dim lighting, so I decided to just look at the menu and ponder on what we could possibly order.

The rest started to arrive before long, and we deliberated on the menu for a rather long time! The waitress was so patient with us. A huge kudo!

So after deliberating for a while, we ended up ordering the following:

  • Silky hummus with minted lamb and toasted almonds, Turkish Bread ($10)
  • Twice cooked crispy skinned quail in tamarind syrup marinade ($25)
  • Yoghurt marinated goat, spicy aubergine relish, moghrabieh Salad ($28)
  • Fresh herb and preserved lemon marinated sirloin steak, sliced to share with Ras al Hanout potatoes and nutty butter ($36)
  • Iranian Princess rice pilaf ($10 per serve)
  • Orange infused carrot and currant spatchcock with citrus salad ($28)
  • Rosed Iced Tea ($60 Jug)
  • Petite Fours (3 serves)
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Chocolate pudding (?) with fairy floss

Where do we even begin?!

I am not the biggest fan of hummus, so I didn’t really try this dish. I do note that the description for this dish and the actual presentation of this dish ticked all boxes. The hummus appeared nice and smooth (and silky), which I would assume is a plus. And the Turkish bread was nicely toasted.


The crispy skinned quail appeared a bit too charred for my liking. The taste of tamarind was certainly there, but that was all I could taste. Am not too sure if there were any other seasoning (one would not really expect since this was not stated in the menu). Not too impressed with this dish because they may have overdone the skin in charring it, but there was a decent taste to it.

The stand out for the night was once again the yoghurt marinated goat. For some reason, this dish is just such a lovely surprise, even though it is the second time I am eating it. I was and still am in love with the aubergine relish. Absolutely delish! The goat itself, goes so well with the rice pilaf. This is for me Raah’s rockstar dish. [Apologies for not having photos for this dish! I was indulging in the food to take another photo for this post! but please see here]

The marinated sirloin steak looked nice, tender and moist, which it was, but there was a bit of a lack in flavour to my palate. Perhaps because I am one who loves her food to be nice and big on tastes, but other than the nicely cooked steak, I didn’t find anything too special with this dish.


The spatchcock was the other dish that was quite the standout for me, below the goat. I loved the citrus salad, so much so that I remember clearing every inch of green that was left on the plate. And I am proud of that too! It had this nice tangy flavour to it which really gave a nice cleansing feeling to the palate too. Lovely. The meat itself was great, albeit a bit difficult to eat (in a civilised manner anyway) because you had to really bit and chew into the bones to get sufficient meat out. Overall, a pretty good dish.

The Iranian Princess rice pilaf was lovely as what we experienced at the Roving Dinner. I personally wish there would be more in a serve, but I suppose there are a lot of ingredients that go into each serve of rice pilaf. I would definitely be ordering this as my accompaniment for my next visit.


The rosed ice tea was something we thought would be nice to try because it was special and we probably won’t be able to get that anywhere else. It had a nice taste of rose (duh), and it was quite the refreshing drink for the evening. Quite potent when we first drank it, and then realised we were too quick to pour because we really should have let the ice melt a bit to dilute the cocktail. Tis OK. We shall do that next time!


The petite fours that 3 people had was actually quite lovely. I understand from those who had this that the Turkish delight was certainly the highlight of the fours. I couldn’t see why not? (:

The sorbet was apparently quite disappointing in that it just tasted like ice with strawberry flavour. Hmm.

The chocolate pudding (?) with fairyfloss was also a bit of a disappointment in that we were expecting more out of the taste, but it was quite the average chocolate dessert.

Overall, this experience was lovely because of the lovely setting of the restaurant, brilliant service of the wait staff (I can vouch how patient they were because we had many many deliberations!). The food was generally good, and I actually think there are more rockstars from this establishment – just need to try the other dishes in the menu! But for now, the repeating dishes that will appear on my next visit’s order would be the marinated goat, the rice pilaf (maybe 2 serves at that!), the spatchcock, and also the chicken kebabs which DP, SK and myself tried at the Beaufort Street Festival!

Give us a “Raah” for Raah!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Telephone: (08) 9227 9745
Address: 484 Beaufort Street, Highgate

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