The Left Bank, East Fremantle


Entertainment Book 2011/12: Complimentary MAIN when another MAIN is ordered (up to $40)

This was a day out to be spent with SC and her father who was visiting from Malaysia. We wanted to make sure we were well fed before taking a walk in good ol’ Freo ,so we found ourselves heading to The Left Bank (partially because this place was in the Entertainment Book, and partially because we wanted to go somewhere away from Freo central).

SC had been to Left Bank before, but I haven’t, so I was basically like a baby seeing everything for the first time.

What I really love about the location of The Left Bank is that it’s really quite literally next to the banks of Swan River. And when it is a good day (like it was for us that morning), it is absolutely gorgeous, and that is the sort of place you’d want to plonk yourself down on for a hearty breakfast.


Upon entering, we started scouting for a free table. There were several reservations made for timings where we knew we wouldn’t be able to keep to, but it was not before long that we finally found somewhere to settle ourselves. Off we went to take some menus off the counter inside, and we started deliberating.

We ended up deciding on the following:

  • Bacon and (Poached) Eggs ($16.50)
  • Left Bank Breakfast – bacon and poached eggs on sourdough with herbed Roma tomato, field mushrooms and hollandaise sauce ($21)
  • Eggs Florentine with extra has browns ($16.50 + $4)
  • Ice Tea ($4)
  • Cappuccino ($4)
  • Latte ($4)

The one thing that I’d love to say I was really so happy about was the fact that they had FRESH ice tea! SCORE! This is something that I always miss from the good land of America because ice tea over there is so common, and so easily available. It’s probably a tad silly to want ice tea in any café when anyone can just do it themselves at home, but when the weather warrants a nice refreshing a nice ice tea… it’s always nice to see that somewhere would be willing to do it (:

The coffees were the typical coffees you’d expect, and the ice tea, as expected, really refreshing, but again typical of what you would really expect out of an ice tea – therefore no surprises.


We all ordered pretty similar breakfasts, so I wouldn’t go too much into the detail of each dish. The hollandaise sauce that came with the Left Bank Breakfast and my Eggs Florentine was decent, not too creamy, and had a nice taste to it. The eggs were all poached quite nicely, not particularly as runny as I’d like it with the yolk, but it was good enough.


The one thing I found a little disappointing was the serving with the Left Bank Breakfast. We were expecting a little more for the price we were paying, and for one mushroom to be presented, was a tad sad to my mind. After all, we did have field mushrooms in the menu. (:

The service here was great – friendly, attentive and overall casual, just the way I like it for such an establishment.

I also think it is great how they separated their restaurant and café/bar. Great decision.

Overall, the meal was alright, the ambiance wonderful, and the service great. I would come back again to give their lunch/dinner a shot, but their breakfast was a tad too pricey for what we were given.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

The Left Bank
Telephone: (08) 9319 1315
Address: 15 Riverside Road, East Fremantle

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