Chesters Restaurant, Swan Valley


Entertainment Card 2011/12: 25% off total bill up to $40

This was the day out with the sisters, and the plan was to drive around the Swan Valley and do some wine/booze shopping for the year. And boy did we make use of this day! We ended up with about 33 bottles of wine shared between three of us, which well if you split it across equally, would be 11 bottles per person for the year, and if you narrow that down even more, we’d be looking at about 1 bottle per month. Doesn’t sound as bad now that I broke it down this way, isn’t it? *nod nod*

Anyhoo. We were searching for a place where we could make use of the Entertainment Card since we hadn’t been going to places where we could take advantage of those awesome discounts, and we decided on good ol’ Chesters.

The website has a nice little historical look into how Chesters came to be… so if you have the time, have a quick read! Makes for more knowledge, and makes for a nicer experience (to my mind) of the restaurant too.

Being the first to arrive (and the first in the restaurant), I was given almost free liberty to choose where I’d like to sit, and so I chose the ‘window’ seat, where I could view the outside alfresco dining area. Quite the lovely table to my mind.


Whilst waiting for the girls, I decided to snap some photos first, and before I knew it, the sisters came through, and we started deliberating on our orders, which ended up to be:

  • Bottle of Heafod Glen 2011 Chenin Blanc
  • Fish of the Day – I don’t actually know if it was, but I think it was, oops. I beg your pardon!
  • Fillet Steak (x2) – Medium Rare
  • Chocolate Pudding (x2)

The wine was so easy to drink. It was a lovely way to start the day… but also dangerous since it was easy enough for us to gulp gulp gulp!

We decided not to order any entrées that day because we wanted to save our tummies for some good ol’ dessert.

The fish of the day came out looking rather appetising, and I had a try of it too – loved the rice. The fish was cooked nicely, but I would have liked a little bit more flavour with it. It wasn’t the ‘wow’ dish, but it wasn’t a real disappointment either. It was OK.

The steak that SK and myself had was cooked quite nicely, though I would have appreciated more sauce (as what the infamous Manu would say). I am a saucy (no pun intended!) person and so this side of the dish was a tad disappointing. The flavours did merry up as how steak should taste, but again, there was no ‘wow’ to this dish for us. All that said, the steak was cooked nicely, and the potato terrine was quite yum. Loved the mushroom in the middle, though it didn’t really have enough flavour for me.


I was personally surprised that we ordered two chocolate pudding this afternoon and not one of the sticky date pudding and one of the chocolate pudding – I think the reason behind this was the fact that DP may have already tried the sticky date pudding. SK is more a chocolate fan, so it was quite clear that we needed two of those to share. Afterall, Miss Egg was never the real dessert person, so it didn’t really matter.

The chocolate pudding came out looking like a soufflé, and this… was… ‘WOW’. This was what we were waiting for, and we couldn’t stop going “mmmm”… “mmm”… “mmm”… it was just one of those dishes where less is more brings home the winner. There was such a lovely smoothness to the chocolate, and with the pistachio ice cream to match – wow.


I could sit there for the whole afternoon because there was such a nice cosy ambiance to the place. The service was good, but it wasn’t exactly packed out, so the wait staff were not really ‘under pressure’ so to speak either.

Overall a rather pleasant meal, and with the awesome chocolate pudding sealing the deal off, we left with happy tongues.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Chesters Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 9296 3444
Address: 8691 West Swan Road, Henley Brook, WA

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