Breezes on Como, Como


Breezes on Como is a relatively new little place set along Melville Parade in Como, sort of looking over the swan river – across the Kwinana Freeway and train line. I went on good ol’ Urbanspoon and found this to be a place in Como that had pretty good ratings, so this was the place suggested for a choir get together. Well, ex-choir get together. Couldn’t wait!

It was an awesome morning for this little get together. Being trained to be punctual in all the appointments that I have, I found myself arriving first and got a table outside as the sun beaming was just too good not to take that opportunity to catch some Vitamin D.

Before long, the ladies started streaming in and we found ourselves reading through the menu and got the following:

  • Szechuan pepper squid, mango, coconut, pawpaw (x 2) – $15
  • Fish & Chips with tartare sauce and coleslaw – $19
  • Risotto of the Day – $15
  • Blue Manna Crabioli. Saffron, asparagus, tomatoes – $15
  • Dessert of the Day (?)
  • Lemon Lime Bitters (x 3)

AC and VC ordered the squid and were really happy with it. There were actual pieces of coconut in the dish, which was something different and quite rare to see (to me) in Perth restaurants. Definitely added an edge! The combination sounded fresh and light on the menu, and it certainly did come out looking fresh and light. This was enjoyed by the two ladies for sure – completely empty plates by the end of it!


I had the fish & chips, and found it to be a massive portion for $19 (which is a great thing). I personally found the dish atypical of what to expect for a fish & chip dish, nothing too wow, but nothing bad about it either. The fish was fresh enough, but I would have liked the chips to be a tad crunchier. The aioli was made fishy with the anchovies but that’s OK with me. *wink*

SC’s dad joined us and had the risotto of the day – and according to him it was a good dish. I have to say the presentation made it look good.


SC had the blue manna crabioli (which is like ravioli but filled with crab. There was not much crab taste apparently – probably hidden within that thick creamy sauce.

The dessert was served and what was meant to be something shared between all of us, became something that SC ate pretty much all by herself! Oops. (: But in any case, it was something different where we had different chocolate desserts on the same plate, with a serve of ice cream on the side. It was pretty and certainly enjoyable.

The service was good here, and we didn’t have to wait too long for the food – but then again, we were there rather early and so we wouldn’t know if they would really perform under pressure. Loved having the table outside because it made for a really relaxing atmosphere, and it’s great to have a meal there if you’d like to catch up with mates, or just chillax with your loved one(s).

I would be back there for another meal, but in saying that, I wouldn’t be rushing there. Too many new establishments coming up!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Breezes on Como
Telephone: (08) 6161 2905
Address:  137 Melville Parade, Como

Breezes On Como on Urbanspoon

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