Sake Bar, Northbridge

I noticed Sake Bar the first time after a dim sum session with the mother. I told her “oh look! There’s a new Japanese restaurant.” It took us only about 6-7 months before going in to try. Not long at all. *wink*

We booked at about 6pm, which was the time they open. We were early (as usual), but found that they were starting to open up their doors, so we walked towards them and asked if they were ready for us to head in. They said yes, so as we walked in, we were greeting by a beautiful bridge that crossed a little pond. Beautiful start to any meal, really.

We were then shown to our seat which was right at the end of the restaurant, near the kitchen. I did wonder why we were given that table since we had booked quite a bit earlier – sort of expected a much better seat in all honesty.

Anyhoo, we deliberated on the menu, which was quite extensive. Given my abstinence on raw fish these days, I looked at the other sections of the menu… we also asked the waitress for some recommendations. The father even said he was going to try some Sake! But alas, there were too many choices for him – made him a tad tipsy even before starting.


After a little bit of thought, here were our orders:

  • Sake (small) – Wish I could remember the name but alas no :(
  • Green/garden salad
  • Agedashi Tofu (recommended by waitress)
  • Zucchini flower tempura (stuffed with tofu and cheese)
  • Teriyaki Beef
  • Spicy Pan Fried Fish

The sake that the father ordered was apparently nice. I was on antibiotics this day, so I couldn’t try and will have to trust his taste for this!

The salad was served with quite a generous serve of sauce which is always a plus for me. The overall serving was a tad small, but it was flavoursome, so that made up for it.


The agedashi tofu was recommended by the waitress because of the fact that it was different to the traditional type of agedashi tofu that we would order. This tofu was drowned in a soup rather than a thicker consistency sauce we’d usually get in other places. I have to say I was quite a fan of this, though the mother wasn’t. She felt that the batter that the tofu was fried in was a tad chewy and she wasn’t wow-ed by the ‘soup’ either. I wasn’t personally wow-ed either but it was certainly a refreshing change to the usual agedashi tofu. Definitely worth a try.


I ordered the zucchini flower tempura after seeing some good reviews of it on Urbanspoon, and really enjoyed this dish. The stuffing that was fried with the flower made it really tasty and given some green tea salt, it made for an overall satisfying dish! Wish they served more, but I do know these flowers are probably not that easy to come by and not served in very many restaurants.

The teriyaki beef was tasty and tender according to the mother, but that said, there are similar grade teriyaki beefs in other places such as Kanta.

The fish that the father had (the name of the dish above is really just a description and not the actual name of the dish because of my awful memory) was actually rather spicy. But that was it for the overall flavour of the dish – spicy. Nothing too fanciful.

We left with tummies just nicely filled, not overly full, which was nice (for a change). I would have liked it if the cost of the meal was a tad lower, but with the amount of interior design that they had done, it was understandable why we were paying the price we did.

The service was average. Took us a while to get attention at certain times, but overall OK. Nothing to complain about.

All in all, a little pricey, average Japanese restaurant to add to the list to come to every once in a while (especially for that zucchini flower tempura!)… but I won’t be back that soon.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Sake Bar Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 9328 3380
Address: 71 Francis Street, Northbridge

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