Clarences, Mount Lawley


Miss Anise and I decided that we should treat ourselves to a nice long lunch… so we actually took the day off together and headed to Clarences for our well deserved meal (this is with regard to our hard work in the office! *wink*)

I have been wanting to try this place as one of the to-try establishments along Beaufort Street. Miss Anise agreeing to this was an awesome start!

We booked ourselves a table early because we have now started what we call the 11am lunch hour. We beat the crowd, we eat early (because we get hungry early too), and we save time waiting. So anyway, when we arrived, there was only one table ‘populated’. We were shown to a lovely little booth seat and we deliberated on our menus.

Actually, we already deliberated on the menu beforehand at work the day before (excited much?). Miss Anise knew exactly what she’d be after, even down to the drinks! As for me, I found myself a little on the edge.



Anyway, enough of that, we decided on:

  • Grilled Rib Eye, Jus with Potato Salad [$34]
  • Free Range Pork Belly, Sweet Potato Puree, Apple Sauce [$28]
  • Rekorderlig Cider Strawberry & Lime [$14]
  • Glass of White Wine
  • Clarence’s Chocolate Brownie, Frangelico Milkshake [$12]
  • Special Dessert of the Day – Donuts!

We decided not to have Entrée’s this day because we had our eyes set for some desserts (without hearing about it actually).

Anyway, Miss Anise’s grilled rib eye with potato salad came out looking so appetising and even though I wasn’t the one having the cow this time, I wanted to devour it for her! She was given a separate plate to lay her cow down because of the jus, so I thought that was brill. She had a cut into the steak and found it cooked nicely. Not perfect, but it did make it above the line. The standout for her dish was really the potato salad, with which she said she hasn’t had a potato salad that good in a while. I tried a little and she was right – the combination of flavours just worked beautifully together, and the best part, really, was that it wasn’t too heavy on the tummy, which is a plus, particularly for a potato salad.

The pork belly that I had came out looking so pretty that I couldn’t bear to touch it! There was a nice little touch with the sweet potato puree. I initially thought the apple sauce was a bit too minimalistic. But turns out, it wasn’t at all! There were enough flavours running through the sweet potato puree… and when you mix the little blobs of apple sauce – it was just nice. The crispy skin, was indeed crispy, but I think a tad too thick so it got a bit hard to chew towards the end of the meal. Really nicely seasoned though. Overall enjoyable, and I wiped this plate clean.


The two desserts were shared between the two of us because we wanted a taste of each. I couldn’t wait to try both, and it had been a while since I saw frangelico milkshake being served – the last time I did have it was at Andaluz, but since then they had taken this milkshake deal off the menu too.


Anyway, the chocolate brownie and milkshake was a nice combination, but nothing too ‘wow’ about it. I have yet to find the most satisfying brownie next to my experience at West End Deli all those years ago. The donut was sweet… sweet. Sweet. But it was a nice end to our meal.

The service was good, prompt, and friendly. But as always, being the early birds, we did not get to see the wait staff during peak hours, and so I cannot really say too much about this.

Overall, a lovely place to just have a meal with a friend or group of friends, chill, and have a nice contemporary meal. I will be back there sometime to try some of their other items.

Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Telephone: (08) 9228 9474
Address: 566 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley

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