Louis Baxter, Subiaco

Website: http://www.louisbaxters.com.au/

A breakfast that was quite a long time coming, SC and I decided to go try Louis Baxter. I hadn’t realise this was the name of the café that swimmer Eamon Sullivan had opened (slow, much?), but was quite excited once I did learn of it.

We invited VA to come along to, which she agreed, so we had a nice group of 3 for the breakfast. AC wasn’t in town, otherwise it would have been the perfect church choir reunion!!

Anyhoo, VA and I arrived, to find the place quite packed out, and whilst we were waiting, we tried to look for a table for three, but it was tough. Being in a tight little space, you had to either be very vigilant and wait for a table, or just buy the coffee and go.

We found ourselves a table, and was lacking a chair, with which, I realised how heavy it was only after I tried dragging it from one area to our table. Eek. But hey, they make for good paper weights (?). As we waited for SC to arrive, I quickly snapped photos of the interior, which was nice, contemporary, modern and had a nice feel to it. Although the café was small, they did make good use of the space. It did mean that you had to do a little bit of dancing to get around though.


While waiting, I spotted a nice brownie in the fridge, and decided to get one before SC arrived (I was somewhat starving). Then she came! Perfect timing. Anyway. I went back to the table to have a seat, and then we deliberated on our orders, which finally were:

  • 2 x 60min slow poached egg (with new Norcia toast, grilled asparagus, peas, parmesan & truffle oil) – $15
  • Spanish Eggs (spicy tomato & chorizo sauce, fetta, almonds and parsley with baked eggs and served with New Norcia toast) – $15
  • Brownie from the Fridge
  • Coffees

As we waited for our breakfast, we tucked into the brownie. Having a very cookie dough taste to it, I wasn’t the biggest fan, but it was rich, and had a good serve of chocolate in it. Oddly enough, I found myself digging into it more and more. Don’t know whether it was the hunger, or if it was the fact that it was nice.

The coffees were made with the infamous Campos beans, and not being the coffee connoisseur, I don’t think I can really judge, but I did not find anything too outstanding with the coffee this morning. It had a bit of a strange aftertaste too, so I was left a tad confused. But like I said, I am no expert on coffee. It just wasn’t to my taste.



We got served with our breakfasts, but there was little room to move on our table! So we had to play a little bit of musical chairs on the table, moving the dishes and cups and plates around to make space for our breakfasts.


The 60min slow poached eggs were served in a rather pretty fashion, with the single egg sitting within a ‘forest’ of asparagus. I’m not usually one to eat peas, but I made a compromise on this occasion given that this was meant to be one of the café’s signature dishes. I would suppose the egg was cooked perfect, and it had indeed a nice texture to it, but I wasn’t particularly wow-ed by it. The asparagus was cooked very nicely, and so were the peas. The combination of the parmesan and truffle oil was good, but I don’t know if it did go with the eggs. Overall, an average dish for me.


The Spanish eggs were served nice and piping hot. I had a taste of this, and found it rather tasty, and had a nice lingering spicy taste too. I wish they had served more bread because there was so much sauce/gravy to soak the bread into! I personally preferred this dish over the eggs, but I’m one who’s big on big tastes. Perhaps I should have ordered this dish *wink* In saying that, Tiger Tiger’s in the city does a swell Spanish eggs too.

Service in this joint was average. The wait staff who served us this morning were friendly, and were generally helpful.

Overall, a little disappointed with the food, or maybe I had set my expectations a tad too high for this place, but if we never try, we’ll never know, yes?

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Louis Baxter
Telephone: (08) 9380 4203
Address: Shop 2, Subiaco Square

Louis Baxters Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

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