fortysevenkirwanstreet, Floreat

I stumbled on this place through my good friends at Urbanspoon, and saw pretty good reviews, so I thought, “this should be the next brekkie location”. It so happened that SC, AC and myself were due for a catch up, so the plan was to have brekkie there and head to The Classroom for a visit if we could fit things in. Quite the ambitious goal!

Anyhoo, I picked AC along the way and when we found the place, we ran into a little bit of a challenge trying to find ourselves a parking space… but if you made a turn straight after seeing the joint, then there will be a school and a little car park in front of it… we parked there, and it is a nice convenient area too – little tip for those who might be thinking of visiting for the first time!


The look of the place from the outside was really cool, and with this place being animal/pet friendly, we saw plenty of people who brought their dogs along with them and sat outside. We made ourselves known to one of the waitresses who made note of our need for a table for three. This place was crazily packed! And it was only about 9.30am.

It wasn’t too bad of a wait for us since we needed to wait for SC anyway, who only ended up coming after we had our table given to us and ordered our coffee! That is what I call fashionably late. (-.-)

The name of the place is actually the address, and I thought that it was such a brilliant idea. A little long but hey, it’s easy to tell someone where to meet isn’t it? *wink*


When SC came by, she didn’t waste any form of time, and quickly deliberated through the rather concise menu… and we ended up with the following orders:

  • Shakshuka (north African style eggs baked in a ceramic dish with feta and roast peppers served with crusty bread) – $18.90
  • Ellah’s eggs on toast, with side of bacon and mushrooms – $11.90 + $4 + $4
  • The Paddock (Toast, eggs, bacon, chipolatas, potato cake, spinach) – $21.90
  • Usual coffees

It wasn’t long before our food came to whet our appetite even more than our hunger was doing so. I found myself slightly regretting the order of the paddock because of how massive it was in size.


AC’s shakshuka looked the most tasty, and truly it was. I had a taste of it, and though I haven’t had too many, this was definitely some tasty dish! Loved the fact that they weren’t stinge with the tomatoes. AC enjoyed this dish thoroughly, cleaned it!

SC’s simple breakfast of eggs on toast with her favourite sides of mushrooms and bacon was the average brekkie you’d get any a breakfast joint. I personally thought the bacon could have done a little bit better cooking, but SC enjoyed it.



My paddock was a nice mixture of items, giving me my carbs through the bread and potato cake, the fibre through the spinach, protein through the eggs, etc. It was a full meal. I wasn’t the greatest fan of the chipolatas. Definitely had better ones in this lifetime. The fried eggs were done quite nicely, but not as well as the one I witnessed at Cranked fairly recently. Overall an OK meal for me.

The coffees were atypical. Nothing too wow about it.


The service here was great. They were attentive, friendly and generally helpful. They were quick to react to people getting their attention, which is always a plus.

When we went up to make our payment, we noticed several pastries and cakes and sweets at the front counter – damn! We should have known. *sheepish grin*

Overall, this meal was fairly decent, but nothing wow at all, unfortunately.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Telephone: (08) 9287 2819
Address: 47 Kirwan Street, Floreat

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