Red Cray, Belmont


It was time to celebrate both AC’s and VA’s birthday this lovely Saturday evening, and we were all pretty psyched to be coming to Red Cray after all the great reviews that I have read about on Urbanspoon.

The decision to come here was AC’s because of her craving for seafood. And the best part was how the decision was made a good month before the actual planned date of celebrations. The craving must have been really huge!

I had used Dimmi to make the reservations, and how easy it was! Those of you who haven’t tried this lovely way to make reservations, it’s absolutely brilliant – totally hassle free and very easy to use. Hopefully more establishments in Perth would have this.


Anyway, back to the main topic. When we arrived, we were kindly greeted by the wait staff at the door, and to my surprise, we were actually later than one of the birthday girls! We were shown to our table which was in an Alfresco area of some sort. Lovely corner place, which meant a little more privacy.

When the table was filled up, we started catching up and deliberating the menu at the same time. VA, who had been there only the day before (yes, funny huh?) was telling us of her great dining experience with the crayfish (lobster)… which should really be the specialty… otherwise the place wouldn’t be known as red cray would it? *wink*

I was feeling like some cow that evening, so I had to make a choice between cow, cow & seafood, seafood.

Anyway, we were found ordering the following in the end:

  • Chilli Mussels – $16.00 [Entrée]
  • Garlic Bread – $5.00 [2 x serves]
  • Half Cray (Royale) – $36 (Cooked in béchamel, topped with cheddar cheese, herb crust, prawn and scallop brochettes, lemon butter sauce and served with chips and mixed greens)
  • Fish of the Day
  • Ocean and Earth – $35.00 (300g black angus grain fed sirloin beef, mash potato, ½ Moretan bay bug, WA prawns and garlic sauce)
  • Salad of the day
  • Maltesers Ice Cream Sundae – $8.50
  • Dark Chocolate Liquor Sundae – $12.50 (no guesses for guessing who ordered this!)
  • 2 scoops Sorbet – $5.50

Because this place is BYO (with a corkage fee of $6 per bottle), we brought along a sparkling wine (always nice to start with some bubbly to kick off the celebrations, and also a bottle of white to have with our seafood.

We started off with some garlic bread and chilli mussels. The garlic bread was sooooo fluffy! It was nice and soft. Could have done with more flavouring for the garlic butter, but the bread was really quite special.


The chilli mussels were tasty, but I think I personally prefer the ones served at Little Creatures. Good serve for $16.00 though. We were all quite happy with the amount we had.

Before long, our mains came through, and we were all starting to drool, looking at the glorious seafood and cow that we ordered.

The half cray (royale) was ordered by SS and SC this evening, and I think was the best dish of the night. It was tasty, with a great value for money considering how much there was served on the plate! I believe the cray was fresh because I had a bit, and it tasted lovely.


The ocean and earth was ordered by myself and VA. This, unfortunately was the disappointing dish of the night for me. I found the beef not cooked to what I ordered (medium rare), and was actually rather tough to chew. The seafood was alright, and I would have liked the gravy to be a tad thicker. Mash has never been a favourite of mine (and so why did I order the dish? … I guess I was looking for a change)… so I didn’t manage to finish that.

The fish of the day that AC ordered (how weird because I thought she would have gone all out with the cray considering how much she was longing for seafood) looked fresh and I had a taste of it. I found it fresh and quite tasty, though I wouldn’t say it was particularly ‘wow’.

The salad of the day was a tad overloaded with the blue cheese – wish I had thought about it twice since I was never a fan of blue cheese (and I thought I’d be brave to go with it anyway)… so it wasn’t a bit unpleasant for me.

The next highlight for us was the desserts. I have never seen a place offering sundaes of the variety that I saw in the menu but it was lovely to see that! SS went completely bonkers because he was the ice cream king amongst us ladies and would do anything to get one scoop in his belly after a meal. He ordered the maltesers ice cream sundae, as did VA. AC and myself ordered the dark chocolate liquor sundae (surprise surprise). SC went healthy with the sorbet after devoured that lovely royale cray dish.

The maltesers ice cream sundae was served so generously, and for $8.50, it was pretty awesome value. You can’t go too wrong with this since you have standard ‘ingredients’ in there.

The dark chocolate liquor sundae was served very elegantly in a martini glass, and as AC and I dug into this, we were wondering why there was no taste of the liquor… and as I reached in to the bottom of the glass and had a spoonful of what looked like chocolate sauce, and the ice cream… BAM!!!!! That hit! I told AC to do the same, and her expression upon putting that spoonful into her mouth was priceless.

The dessert menu here was a nice change to what would usually be served at other restaurants. Simple and good.

The service here was brilliant and cannot be faulted. I loved the fact that the waiter(s) who attended to us were so patient because we were still deliberating whilst ordering. We also had our wine glasses topped up regularly without having to do it ourselves, which does show a good level of attention. What really surprised us was that towards the end of our stay at Red Cray, one of the waiters walked to our table with a plate of dessert delights! We weren’t told the reason why but when I mentioned “oh how timely because we’re actually celebrating two birthdays today”… he brought the plate back and came out again with two candles on one of the cakes in the same plate. AWWW… This is what really makes the difference.


Overall, the experience at Red Cray was pleasant, the food good, and the service excellent. I would be heading back there, but this time, to actually stick to what they’re special for – seafood!

PS. Apologies for not having photos of all the food ordered – the excitement of the birthday left me a little less reliable! Or was it the sparkly?

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars (brilliant service)

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

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