The Tuckshop, Northbridge

It was the day where I would take some pre-wedding shots (as part of my photography venture Megzography – check it out!) for a dear friend and his partner. I suggested heading to The Tuckshop after hearing such awesome reviews of the place. I was excited. Being aware that new and popular establishments like this would probably be packed out, I suggested a time of 9.30am. I wasn’t early enough in my specification because when I got there at about 9.15am, the whole place was already packed out! Hidden in a little corner between Newcastle and Money Street in Northbridge, one would drive across not really noticing it, but the crowds this morning did make a statement.

I was greeted by the wait staff who told me it would be about a half an hour wait, which was fine by me, since I was early anyway. Whilst waiting, I saw plenty of regulars coming through and a variety of people (young and old, elegant and eclectic, etc.) going in and out.

Anyway, SJ, his partner and SC arrived, and it wasn’t too long before we were shown to our table, which was pretty much close to the middle of the café. There was a nice vibe to the place.

It was time to scan the menu, and it was such a great list of food to choose from! I loved how they went for the non-traditional breakfast choices, and even had food that we would be having for lunch as a breakfast option.

We came to our decision (not easily):

  • Ciabatta with Tasmanian smoked salmon, lemon ricotta, asparagus and fennel salad
  • Baked beans with smoked ham, poached egg (changed to fried + one extra), parmesan toast
  • Scrambled eggs on toast
  • Corn fritters with ham, asparagus, poached egg, tomato salsa (hash brown on the side)
  • Usual coffees

It was quite a long wait for the food, and probably because they were fully packed out, and from where I was sitting, there were only about 2-3 cooks in the kitchen preparing the food. But I’d really rather wait for a good meal, than to be served quickly with food that were less than par.


We sipped and finished our coffee, and I was personally deliberating on another one when the food arrived. And the food coming through completely smashed all thoughts of having another coffee because they all looked so appetising!

The ciabatta with Tasmanian smoked salmon looked fresh and delectable. The serve was generous, and I think SC probably spent a tad more time taking photos of this dish than actually eating them! Kidding. (: I had a little taste, and it was delish. I would probably find myself debating over ordering this dish the next time I visit.


SJ had the baked beans, and it was served piping hot, which was awesome. Served in a nice little pot, with some onion rings on the top (kudos!), we were given the onion rings because SJ doesn’t really fancy them. Or well, until he tried these ones, and perhaps, he did regret giving his other ones away! He enjoyed the dish immensely, and looking at his parmesan toast… yummo! Cleaned out the pot completely.

MH had the scrambled eggs on toast, and although it looked simple, she was really impressed by how tasty it is, and the generous serving of the eggs filled her up completely. MH also mentioned the fact that she loved how it was sourdough bread that accompanied the eggs. Nice work!

I had the corn fritters. I love corn, and having been to Bills in Sydney, I was hoping this could come close or surpass the one I had at Bills! It was really tasty, with plenty of corn being mixed into the batter, and a nice tomato salsa to match (although I would have loved a little bit more of that salsa because the saucy person that I am, with no pun intended!). The hash brown, was to my surprise, home made, and whilst it was a tad hard on the jaw (over-fried it I think), it was tasty, and certainly worth ordering again!

I was going to take some of their famous pies away (this is after hearing such awesome words about it from my colleague AH), but decided not to because of the day out. We took away some more coffees because their coffeeswere actually really quite awesome (so says the one who is not really the coffee connoisseur! I don’t usually have two coffees in one morning, but this was good enough to warrant that.


I left my big name on a waitress’s order pad after she asked what I was going to do with the photos I was so diligently taking. I said I was going to put it on my blog, and she was quite excited by it. Miss Egg has left an imprint (although temporary) in The Tuckshop, and they have certainly left awesome deep-imprinted foodprints in my soul after this lovely experience.

This is one awesome breakfast place that I have been waiting for in a while to be established in Perth, and I dare say that I will be back!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

The Tuckshop
Telephone: (08) 9227 1659
Address: 178 Newcastle Street, Northbridge

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