The Heritage Bar & Brasserie, Perth


The Heritage Bar & Brasserie is one of the two places that opened along St Georges Terrace (in the same week!), which brought about a lot of chatter in the blogosphere and amongst foodies in general.

I found myself visiting this place the day they opened because I had planned a luncheon with some work mates there (cheeky much?). And then I made another visit there with some food blogger enthusiasts (turned friends) for dinner one Saturday evening.

So this blog post will be based on both visits, and will be summarised as much as possible.

The feel of this place as you enter would remind you of these olden days (think Titanic when waiters and waitresses (if any) would be dressed in a proper attire to serve their customers). The décor was beautiful (though Trustee boasts of the same excellence in this area), and brought a whole different vibe to what we knew to be “Perth City”.

The wait staff are assigned to tables (something that reminds me of the way hospitality works in America). I quite like this concept – you get the same waiter/waitress all meal, and it sorta feels like you’ve got the ‘undivided’ attention of a single person.

Anyhoo. Heritage serves all three meals, and have an all day breakfast menu as well, which is always nice to see. The menu spans about 2 x A5 pages, so there’s not too much variety (which I see as a good thing). They do have daily specials though.

In any case, in my first visit, the orders were:

  • Double decker sandwich
  • Eggs Benedict
  • Special for the day – Lamb
  • Crème Brulee
  • Banana Split
  • Ice Chocolate
  • Flat White + Cappuccino


And for the second visit for dinner:

  • Fresh Bread with Butter
  • Charcuterie rillette, parfait, chorizo, bresola, coppa and roast
  • Seared scallops on Risotto and Café de Paris
  • Barramundi with Seasonal Vegetables and Riesling Sauce
  • Seafood platter
  • Salmon with Champagne-based sauce on bed of Broccollini
  • Side of roasted potatoes
  • Bottle of Sparkling Wine

For lunch the Lamb was probably the most delectable of the three dishes, with a nice wholesome taste to the sauce that accompanied the few slices of lamb. I had a taste of the sauce and it was rich and tasty – I think I would gladly have that for dinner.


The double decker sandwich was the other item worth noting because although it was served in a rather plain fashion, there was nothing plain about the taste at all. Beautifully cooked chicken and each element was separately done before being slotted in between that toasty bread.


The other dishes was quite average, so I won’t be going in too much detail.

As for dinner, the overall consensus was that the seafood platter and the charcuterie were of the most value, and the dishes that would be worth ordering a second time if we were to visit this establishment again.

What I loved about the charcuterie was that it was a generous serving and it fed the five of us rather nicely as an entrée. We were all very amused at the little bottles where they stored the gherkins and piccalilli. So much so that it took some time for those who dwelled into the bottles sometime before they managed to extract something to eat! Cute to see, but not too practical. The charcuterie variety was nice, and I think we all enjoyed it. I certainly did.

The fresh bread with butter was average – nothing wow about it.

The seared scallops that N and C had came out looking rather elegant, but the size was the biggest disappointment of the evening, with both the ladies who ordered this dish not feeling as though they had a main when they finished it. That said, the taste was there – just a bit lacking in the serving.

The seafood platter came out looking so majestic and it was going to be served on a metal holder (to raise the plate), but J didn’t want this (and rightly so because you wouldn’t have been able to really see what you were eating with the plate that much off the table). So we were invited to drool at the generous amounts of seafood that was served, which included some oysters, mussels, prawns, etc. This was served with some sauces which was tasty, according to J. The seafood looked fresh and apparently tasted fresh too – so thumbs up!



The barramundi that A had was pretty simple, and was apparently quite a disappointment in the sauce department. The vegetables were also undercooked. This was a similar story to the salmon that I had, which although was cooked well, had the ‘forest of broccollini’ a little too undercooked for my liking… because I ended up spending most of the meal time chewing the vegetables. I have since been teased by these ladies about my forest of broccollini. The sauce that came with the salmon was alright at the start but didn’t have a nice lasting after taste towards the end.

The service on both occasions was rather different. For lunch, I found the waiter to be rather distracted and found it a bit difficult to get his attention for a number of occasions. The waiter during dinner was very attentive, but perhaps a tad too enthusiastic, interrupting our conversation a little more than we’d like. That said, he was a nice waiter, patient with us, and was attentive.

Overall, the Heritage Bar & Brasserie has the potential to be a fantastic place. The food was a hit and miss for me, and a tad expensive – but this is right in the heart of the city, and it would have been expensive for them to have that place designed and have all that beautiful items installed.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

The Heritage Bar & Brasserie
Telephone: (08) 9226 5596
Address: 131 St Georges Terrace, Perth

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