Cafe BellaVista, East Perth


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We were hoping to try somewhere new for dinner during this cold winter afternoon, and whilst I was looking through the entertainment book, I spotted Bella Vista, and went to good ol’ trusty urbanspoon website to assess their rating by the great members of the review site. Turned out to be rather decent, so off we went!

Upon arriving, we were surprised at ourselves for not noticing that there was actually a hotel right next to the restaurant, and I would suppose for those staying for longer periods would have this as their ‘usual place’ to have a quick dinner without going out into the city or away from the city.

The restaurant itself was dimly lit, and it was surprisingly spacious, with quite a number of tables tucked away behind the kitchen. We were greeted by a lovely waiter who showed us to our seat, and as we were digesting the menu, he came back to inform us on the specials (chef’s recommendations), with which the folks were really quite glad to hear about the special fish of the day, which was a snapper.

We ordered the following:

  • Fresh bread ($3.90)
  • Pesce Fresco x 2 (pan fried snapper served on sauteed baby spinach, dill crab cakes, and avocado salsa, finished with a lemon butter sauce and macadamia crumble) ($38.50)
  • Spaghetti Marinara ($29.50)
  • Caesar’s salad with smoked salmon ($24.90)


We were served the fresh bread, which we were told was just out of the oven not too long ago – and how true that was! The bread came out smelling lovely, and with the bread nice and warm, the butter melted nicely, and the bread was just such a great start to the meal. Expectations have been raised for the mains! All that said, if they had their own butter, then that would have been a winner serve of fresh bead on my plate!

When the mains and salad came out, we found our jaws dropping because the sizes were pretty big. And I suppose that was why the prices were a little more than one would expect, especially for that smoked salmon Caesar’s salad.

The biggest disappointment for the evening was the caesar’s salad… the smoked salmon wasn’t fresh, and so it completely ruined the dish. The sauce was quite typical, and I personally found it a tad too thick. Not the best caesar’s salad for sure.

The pesce fresco (roughly translated as fish of the day) was enjoyed by the folks, who both found it alright… I gave it a little try and found the variety of textures the redeeming feature of the dish. The main tastes came from the crab cakes, avo salsa and macadamia crumble. What looked like a small piece of fish was actually rather filling according to the wise ones.


The spaghetti marinara was the star of the night, with the three of us enjoying the dish right from the word “go”. I haven’t had a marinara in a while, and that dish just reignited my interest in the dish, with a nice tasty tomato based sauce, well-cooked seafood, and a generous serving too.

The service at this joint was excellent, with all the wait staff pleasant, polite and attentive.

The entertainment book voucher made this place a worthwhile visit for sure, though I still do think a salad worth $24.90 is really a tad too overpriced.

Would I come back? maaaayyyybeeee. (:

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars (the not so fresh smoked salmon was a no-no)

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Cafe BellaVista
Telephone: (08)  9220 9560
Address: 150 Bennett Street, East Perth

Cafe Bellavista Restaurant and Pizzeria on Urbanspoon

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