Table 78, West Perth


Miss Anise, JT, AH and myself bought some impromptu tickets to the Comedy Festival that was showing at His Majesty’s theatre from a colleague who couldn’t make it in the end due to other commitments (score!). We decided that we would have dinner before heading into to get our tummies some serious work out with the laughs that we were anticipating.

Miss Anise and I didn’t take long before arriving on a decision to check out Table 78 again. We both had a meal once before and enjoyed it, so we thought it’d be a great way to start the evening.

Bookings were easily made.

We arrived, and being West Perth, parking can be a little bit of a hassle at times, but I got there in the end! I was seated in a little nice corner where I was told had the best heating in the whole restaurant. Being a cold evening, I was appreciative of this little advantage. Before long, AH turned up, and I had a call from Miss Anise that she would be late. So AH and I ordered some chow and a glass of wine first while waiting for Miss Anise to show up.


We dug into our little starter (which I will announce a little later what it was), and it wasn’t long before Miss Anise and JT arrived. We quickly made a run through the menu and ordered as we realised we were running out of time. We decided on:

  • Roasted cumin flat bread & dips (roast eggplant and white bean with goat’s curd)
    This was what AH and I had while waiting… and then Miss Anise and JT snacked on it after they came through.
  • Angel hair pasta with blue swimmer crab meat, spring onion, garlic, green chilli, rocket
  • Angel hair pasta with grilled chicken, fried capers, lemon zest, goats curd, rocket
  • Crispy skin pork belly with potato puree, red wine braised cabbage, puy lentils, balsamic and spinach
  • Confit duck leg, chorizo and chickpea stew, spinach, pear and walnuts

We ordered some wines to go with our meals too. (:


The roasted cumin flat bread and dips were really quite awesome. There was a tad too much sprinkling of salt onto the flat bread, but the dips were gorgeous. We enjoyed every bit of it, so much so that we ordered more bread (this time with lesser salt, yay!) to wipe off the dips completely. Enjoyed it tremendously (other than the initial overdose of salt).

Miss Anise and JT ordered the pasta’s, and both looked beautiful when they were presented to us. I tried a little of the blue swimmer crab pasta and thought it tasted good, and it felt very light, which is great for anyone who wouldn’t want too heavy a dinner. The grilled chicken pasta looked similar, and JT said it was good but towards the end, it got a bit plain, which I believe I could imagine.


AH had the crispy skin pork belly and it was a generous serve of everything that was mentioned on the menu. I had a taste of it, and found it to be tasty. Loved the red wine braised cabbage. Not too sure I’d say ‘wow!’, but it was a good meal.

My confit duck leg came out looking glistening, and as I put my knife through the meat, it fell apart… not too much off the bone, but it was enough for me to get excited about putting a little bit of it into my mouth to try. Unfortunately, this was another dish that was given too much sodium, and whilst the combination was nice, I found it difficult to finish the dish because of the salt content in the dish.


The service was absolutely fantastic at Table 78. Having organised a friend’s Hen’s night party before, I can safely say and attest to their awesome service, which was demonstrated with attentive staff who always had smiles when they came to serve us, and had no issues about waiting for us as we deliberated our choices for the evening. I dare say this place has one of the best service I have experienced around the area.

Overall, the food was a bit of a hit and miss, but I would give this place another shot. The service, absolutely brilliant, so there wouldn’t be much of a hesitation to come back to see the lovely smiles of the wait staff!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (Service was given a big star!)

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Table 78
Telephone: (08) 9481 6566
Address: 78 Outram Street, West Perth

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2 thoughts on “Table 78, West Perth

    • You should indeed! :) I think the chef might have been a bit too generous on the salt that evening, but overall, the food is of good quality and menu pretty good. :)

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