Flutes Restaurant, Brookland Valley

Website: www.flutes.com.au/

Entertainment Book 2012/2013: 25% off total bill (up to $45 value)

I decided to take some time off work, and what better way to spend the weekend than to have awesome meals at various wineries. So the first day of the break, I spent it at Sandalford Winery in Swan Valley, which has already been written up by Miss L. I dare say that it’s still as awesome, and we enjoyed the meal very much! Mom and Dad had a fabulous time as well, with Mom enjoying the Riesling that I had ordered for her. A happy mother of Miss Egg means heaps!

The next day, we decided to be crazy and made a day trip to Margaret River just to have a good meal. I decided on Flutes, which is in the Entertainment Book. Having been to Margaret River quite a couple of times, it wasn’t too difficult to find Flutes, which is in Brookland Valley.

Upon driving into the estate, I was amazed at the view that we were presented with. Though the vines were naked, the lines to which the winery presented them in were simply wonderful to view.


We arrived a tad too early, so we went into the cellar first to try out some of the wines… Dad was really impressed, and we got a mixed case of Verse 1 wines. *beams* Yummo! We bought a good bottle of Chardonnay and the plan was to keep it till the sister visits. Cannot wait!

After a superb wine tasting (though the lady who served us was a little too reserved/quiet/unfriendly), we made our way into the restaurant where we were greeted by a more friendly host who took us to our pre-booked table.

Given a nice view of the little lake along the folding doors, we had a lovely light streaming through, courtesy of Mr Sun. Ever so generous.


We then deliberated on the menu for a while before finally ordering:

  • Garlic Bread – $8
  • Scallops & Vigeronne Salad – $25
    Seared scallops, crisp prosciutto, seedless white grape, candied walnut, rocquette, verjuice syrup
  • Flutes Signature Trio – $45
    Pemberton Marron, Tasmanian Salmon, and Wild Kimberly Barramundi, Goats cheese, macadamia crumble, citrus dessing.
  • Seared Duck Breast – $40
    Apple colcannon, wilted green, preserved orange, quince and juniper sauce
  • Special Dessert of the Day
    Trio of samples of Tiramisu, Crème Brulee and Apple crumble

We ordered a white wine, red wine and a beer to accompany our meals.


The garlic bread was pretty awesome. With a generous serve, my doubts of the $8 price disappeared into thin air. With a nice crisp to the bread, and a good serve of garlic butter onto each slice, I enjoyed this thoroughly.


The scallops & vigeronne salad was absolutely beautiful. This was probably my favourite dish of the day because it was simply fresh, light, and full of varying textures. From the nicely cooked scallops, to the sweetness and crunchiness of the candied walnuts, every mouthful of this dish was a delight. Love.

The folks both ordered Flutes Signature Trio, which had marron, salmon and barramundi. They both loved the dish, because of its variety (again), and that the seafood was presented fresh and nicely cooked. I asked the mother for her verdict on how the marron was cooked, to which she cut me a piece to try for myself (maybe she knew the verdict would be on the blog!), and I found it awesome! Nicely done. The puree that was served with the fish and marron was tasty and a perfect accompaniment to the dish.


The seared duck breast that I had was a bit of a disappointment, with the duck meat a little too chewy for my liking, and the taste boring after a few mouthfuls of the meat. I struggled to finish the dish, but I did. Least favourite dish of the day for sure.


The dessert we ordered was simply to try a variety of things (seems to be the theme of the meal – variety!). My favourite of the lot was probably the crème brulee, and that wasn’t the best crème brulee I’ve tasted, so that should give one a rough idea of how the dessert was. The worst of the three items was actually the tiramisu, which felt a little too heavy.



The service here was great, and the waiters and waitresses certainly made the overall experience a memorable one.

As we paid, the entertainment card we presented was not carved off, which means we get to have that same discount yet again when we visit next! Yay!

Overall, the seafood, garlic bread and service certainly won us over, and with a view of the lake like the one we did, it is just too difficult not to say that the experience at Flutes was good! Would definitely be back if I were to roam the valley again in Margaret River.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Flutes Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 9755 6250
Address: 4070 Caves Road, Wilyabrup

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