Perugino, West Perth


Miss Anise and I have been setting up multiple dinner clubs (much to the sorrow of our wallets!), so this evening was with a dinner club that consisted of some ex colleagues and us. GD mentioned during our first dinner club dinner at Eureka Chinese Restaurant that he had been to Perugino and been blown away by the food that they served. It made it an easy decision for us moving forward with our second dinner club meal!

And here is the best part of our little story. GD was not able to make it for this dinner! So in the end it was Miss Anise, JT, BM and myself who headed to Perugino one Friday evening for dinner.

When I made the booking earlier in the week, a lady took the reservation and was rather curt in her replies to me, and then I went on Urbanspoon to check some of the reviews out, and it started being clear that I might have spoken to the same lady that was mentioned in some of the reviews that I had read. But we should never judge an establishment until we’ve eaten their food and had an experience with their team.

So off we went, and when we arrived, we found ourselves being greeted by the chef himself, Giuseppe Pagliaricci, who then handed over us to his wife, to bring us to the table… we were then handed over again to another waiter who then brought us to the table.

The first thing that caused us to frown a little was the fact that we had to ask for them to take our coats when we saw another waiter taking another table’s guests coats to the ‘cloakroom’. But never mind that, we sat down and started deliberating the menu. We found ourselves simply spoilt for choice! Everything sounded so good.

We were then told of the specials for the day which included the entrée that we had (don’t remember what the name of it is now L)… and the herb crusted rack of lamb with a fig jam. So we ordered a bottle of red wine, and BM had a special martini (special in that she was the only one having that).

We ended up ordering:

  • Special entrée of the day
  • Bowl of green salad – $15
  • Filetto In Crosta  – $36
    Eye fillet of beef double crumbed, pan-fried medium rare and served in a bed of Porcini mushrooms
  • Nodini Di Vitello Con Salsa D’Asparagi – $32
    Strip loin of veal pan-fried and served in a fresh asparagus sauce
  • Special lamb of the day (crusted with side of fig jam)
  • Dolci Al Carello – $16.50 pp
    A selection of freshly prepared sweets from the trolley

During the time our order was taken was when the experience started going downhill quite a little bit. The wife of the chef came to take our order, and when we mentioned that we’d like to share a special entrée of the day and serve of salad, have mains and desserts each, she just stood there, all silent. So we started looking at each other blankly wondering why. She then said that the entrée will be too little to share – and so we decided to change that order to two. And for some reason, she just continued standing there silently, before saying that the entrée is really not to share. We found it strange. So we deliberated further and BM said she would have one on her own and Miss Anise, JT and I would share two… we ended up with all four of us having a plate of entrée each. And whilst it was quite refreshing and lovely to the palate, we found it a bit strange that she went ahead to order one each for us, and perhaps it was us not being clear either.

Let’s back track a little, after our orders were taken, we were presented with complimentary bread slices with olive oil/balsamic vinegar, but no butter, even though there was a butter knife. Wonder why? The bread was cold too.


And as we were having a lovely conversation, we were then pleasantly surprised with yet another complimentary item! This time a nice starter. We struggled to figure out what the dish maybe, but it was nice and tasty and it wasn’t long before we finished off our plates.

Then the entrée came, with the salad shortly after. The entrée as mentioned before, was lovely and refreshing. We all enjoyed it thoroughly – that mix of basil, cheese and tomato just works wonders.



We had the salad with the mains, but it was unfortunately rather tasteless. Being that girl who loves her sauce and a lot of it at that, this was just a tad too bland for me. I wasn’t impressed at all.

The mains came shortly after, and we started tucking in. We all had red meat this evening, from lamb, to veal, to the beef that I ordered.

Miss Anise and BM had the lamb, and as I saw them cut into the meat, it looked to be a tad overcooked, and this was confirmed by the two ladies. The fig jam was a winner with both ladies giving the thumbs up.



The double crumbed beef fillet that I had was really tasty all thanks to the awesome gravy that the lovely chef prepared. And he made me a happy camper with a good serve of that gravy too. I would have liked the beef to be cooked lesser, but it was alright. It was lacking a little in terms of its presentation, but the taste was good.

The veal that JT had appeared good too with the meat covered with a generous serve of the sauce. JT said that the veal was alright – nothing wow.


We then looked forward to the dessert because we had been watching this trolley of sweetness move around the restaurant the whole evening and couldn’t wait to get our hands and tastebuds on those items. We had a choice of tiramisu, pecan pie, crème caramel, apple tart (I think) and some other desserts for our devouring pleasure.

JT and BM also ordered a cup of coffee each to go along with their desserts.

The desserts in general were OK, they weren’t wow… and for me personally, I don’t think I would have wanted to pay $16.50 again for the dessert. The one thing that stood out for JT, amongst everything was actually the coffee, to which he said was one of the best coffees he has ever tasted. So kudos to the coffee! The coffee drinkers also had some complimentary biscuits to accompany. We were also presented with some complimentary individual chocolate pieces but as we started to open into each piece, we noticed that it looked old, and so we ended up not having ended. Boo.


The next bombshell was dropped when we asked for the bill and realised that the entrée of cheese, tomato and basil actually cost more than $20 each! Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. We were all gasping inside (I know I was). We were not too impressed, but did not want to kick up a big fuss, so we just paid and left. As we were leaving, we had to ask the waiter to bring our coats out for us before we left, which we found a bit… “bleh”. The overall experience at Perugino despite its fairly tasty food is one that has left us rather indifferent, and I would probably not return for a while.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Telephone: (08) 9321 5420
Address: 77 Outram Street, West Perth

Perugino on Urbanspoon

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