Trustee Bar and Bistro, Perth


It was yet time again to catch up with CS (otherwise known as Yoda to me), and this time we wanted to just be in the city, and also to fulfil my craving for some cow.

So the criteria to fulfil were really to try a new place in the city that has good cow.

Shouldn’t be too difficult yes? Well, not really because I actually found it rather difficult! By the time I did sufficient research into the various places within the city, I found myself debating between Balthazar and Trustee but chose Trustee purely because of the fact that they have a section in their menu dedicated to cow! Yay.

It was actually a rather long day, so I was really looking forward to catching up with Yoda and have some chow. Being a little bit less motivated, I texted to see if he might be interested in having a drink with me first, with which he agreed! Hurrah.

We then made our way to the Trustee’s bar, where we thought we could have a quick drink, but alas! The place was already packed with people at about 5.30pm (the booking of our dinner was at 6pm). So we decided to just pop by next door at the Heritage for a glass of wine before heading back to the Trustee’s bistro for the dinner.

As we made our way down the bistro, we were greeted by a lovely waiter who would be serving us for the rest of the evening. I loved his accent. =D

Anyway, we were unfortunately not able to sit at the booths, which were reserved for bigger groups of people. Yoda made a little bit of a plea, but it went unsuccessful. Perhaps there wasn’t sufficient charm! And I never bothered exercising mine, not that there’d be much. =P

We looked through the menu, whilst talking rubbish like we usually do, and finally made the following choices for dinner:

  • Chateaubriand (cow for 2), salt roasted served with fat chips, bourguignon mushrooms and béarnaise sauce ($95)
  • Chef’s salad – which only consisted of greens with some balsamic vinaigrette to complement ($6.50), special request from Yoda
  • Bread – requested for olive oil/balsamic vinegar on top of butter ($3.50)
  • Tiramisu for dessert ($12.50)
  • 2008 Greenstone Shiraz ($79)
  • Espresso ($4.00)

The wine was chosen by Yoda, and what a beautiful bottle it was! We both enjoyed it tremendously. Yum yum.


The bread was rather nice and fluffy but I wish it was served warm(er) than what we got, then it would have been perfect! The balsamic vinegar and olive oil were pleasant and lovely. Butter, was French butter, which meant, silky smooth rich creamy goodness. I loved it.

We had our mains and salad served together, which consisted of a semi-empty plate for us to take our shares of the sliced beef fillet and accompaniments. The plate had the chips, and half a bone marrow, with some slaw. Then they brought out little saucepans of the rocket and pear salad, béarnaise sauce and bourguignon mushrooms in little saucepans. Loved the idea of presentation! It certainly won me over!

The proof was in the pudding though, so we each took a slice of the fillet (there must have been about 3 per person), and as I took a little piece and chewed it, that feeling of satisfaction was quite fantastic. Craving for cow, and having a nicely cooked piece in the mouth almost sent me to cloud 9. But I wanted to stay seated for more of it! I had to ground myself, literally.

The béarnaise sauce wasn’t too bad though I didn’t have too much of it as I felt the salt roasted fillet was just tasty on its own. The mushrooms had a really rich flavour and were quite a good complement to the beef. The salad, nice and refreshing, provided for a sufficient palate cleanser.



Needless to say, I enjoyed the mains tremendously.

Coming to desserts, we decided to order the Tiramisu because I was basically sold at Bailey’s.

Unfortunately, it was less than desired with too little flavour of the Bailey’s in there, and I believe there was supposed to be Frangelico too, but that was a tad light too. Our most disappointing dish of the evening, and it is a little sad that it was the last too.

The service was excellent, with the waiter paying good attention to us and explained the dishes carefully with us, and obliging us with our requests.

The Trustee has certainly been a lovely experience, with tasty beef, refreshing salads and good accompaniments. Still kind of sad about the Tiramisu but I am looking forward to heading back for more cow… I mean. Chow. I mean. Both.

Rating: 3.85 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Trustee Bar & Bistro
Telephone: (08) 6323 3000
Address: Brookfield Place, 125 St Georges Terrace, Perth

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