Piccos Kitchen, Maylands

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It was time for a catchup with PFJ and her partner A, and this time Miss L was able to join us, and we decided to try something a little different… so we settled on brekkie, and after doing a bit of research, I had suggested for us to go to Piccos Kitchen for brekkie because the four of us hadn’t been there before.

As I was making my way there, I realised that this spot is probably one popular with the locals rather than those who live away from Maylands. Settled in a small row of shops along a rather winding Peninsula Drive, I almost missed the turn into the carpark.

PFJ and A had arrived a couple of minutes before me and by that time it was already quite packed inside. The area is small with not many tables, but the décor was certainly attractive and rather inviting. We found ourselves a bit lost as to what we should do (wait to be seated or find our own table?). But we assumed the latter option and found ourselves a table quite quickly and sat down to view the menu.

Whilst waiting for Miss L to arrive, PFJ and A decided to order themselves some coffee, and A also ordered a muffin to start the ball rolling.

The muffin as described by A was that it was OK, and that she has had better muffins.

Miss L arrived shortly after and we deliberated the menu together further, and we were all rather confused as to what we should order.

We finally decided and made our way to the counter for our order of brekkie. We had the following:

  • Bacon, egg & brie butty, bbq sauce
  • Eggs on sourdough, home made beetroot relish (for three of us), variations include
    • Boiled eggs
    • Scrambled with sausage and spinach
    • Poached with house smoked salmon
    • Juice (don’t remember what there was inside now L)
    • Brownie

The bacon, egg & brie butty with bbq sauce came out looking so appetising, and looked like a brekkie for a hangover too. *winks* It came out steaming hot, which was nice for a semi-chilly morning.

PFJ had the first bite into it and found the combination to be really appetising… but by the end of it, it was just average. I’d say it was one of those meals where the first impression wasn’t too long lasting.

A, Miss L and myself ordered the eggs (in the same order as written above).

The serve of bread with the boiled eggs were cut into sticks, which assisted with dipping into the egg yolk. I believe the eggs were cooked alright, though I think from the looks of the eggs, they could have been made a little runnier so that the bread could soak in all that good yolkness!

Miss L’s scrambled eggs were a tad tasteless, with the sausage and spinach typical of what you would get in other breakfast places. A bit of a disappointment for her.

I had the poached eggs with house smoked salmon. The smoked salmon was tasty and unique since it was home made. I found it rather appealing and was glad I ordered the side to try with the eggs. The poached eggs were done alright. As with the boiled eggs, I would have preferred the yolk to be a little more runny but it was sufficiently good.

The juice was refreshing and I enjoyed it.

As for the brownie, I did enjoy it but it wasn’t the best I have tried around, as yet.

The service at this place was a bit of a hit and miss. Some of the wait staff were really nice, friendly and helpful, whilst others seem to be rather distracted.

Piccos Kitchen is overall a breakfast place that I wouldn’t mind going back again for its lovely ambiance, but would probably be waiting for a while before this happens.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a. Miss Egg

Piccos Kitchen
Telephone: (08) 9272 4491
Address: 38 Peninsula Road, Maylands

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