Le Bistro de Artistes

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RL was down from Singapore visiting the area for about a week, and I thought it’d be nice to go to somewhere a little different, somewhere with hopefully good food.

Having passed Bistro des Artistes numerous times (be it during a walk down Hay Street, or a drive by), and seeing how they have a $75 three course menu that sounded lovely, I decided to organise a dinner with Miss Anise, JT and RL here. It was high time for RL to meet Miss Anise after my ongoing mention about each party to the other!  I was really quite excited.

RL and I arrived at the bistro first, and we were the first guests at that too. We were so early that we found ourselves in a little bit of a busy time where the wait staff were all preparing for their shift to begin.

After crossing our name off the reservation list, we were shown to our table, which was adjacent to the kitchen, where you could see the chefs all in action! Rather refreshing to say the least. As we started looking at the menu, in walked Miss Anise and JT, and it wasn’t long before we settled in and got stuck into analysing the menu for the evening.

Each course has a few items to choose from, and with the four of us, we figured ordering different items would be perfect in being able to try all the different food on offer.

We decided to order as much variety as possible, so everything you see in the menu in the photo was ordered, other than Winter Citrus Pudding, which was not ordered because Miss Anise and I both ordered the Apple Dome.

For mains, RL and I had the same Coffee Duck.

After much deliberation, we also decided to order a bottle of wine, Marchand & Burch Chablis 2010. It was a nice and light white wine, which really gave a refreshing taste. I enjoyed it and would order it again if I had the chance.

Before we were served the entrée we were served some bread and butter to start. The bread, was simply addictive. =X It was soft, and tasty, and being a bread lover, I found myself not being able to control myself and kept eating the bread through the evening. Oops. Must. Save. Space. For. Actual. Meal!

The entrées arrived, and they all looked fabulous, particularly the scallops. With a little pastry on the top, it looked charming to a tee.

Out of the four, I believe the scallops were my favourite, but it was a sad coincidence that when I cut a little bit for myself to try from Miss Anise, I had some plastic coming through with the scallop too. L We made it known to the waiter, and this was immediately taken back, with a fresh plate brought to Miss Anise by Mr Alain Fabregues himself! The scallops were well cooked, and the flavours of the emulsion complementing the seafood nicely.

The charcuterie board was generously served with a good portion of each element on the board. I had a taste of each part and found them all to be rather tasty, though I don’t think I would have been able to handle the whole board to myself, because the taste was quite strong and I would have been overwhelmed by it all.

The vegetable stack was simple, but tasty. I enjoyed it, but I don’t know if I’d order it again.

As for the veal, it was nice and tasty and would probably be the next choice after the scallops if I ever had to make a choice amongst the same four entrée selections again.

For mains, the coffee duck came out looking glistening and I couldn’t wait to dig into it. The meat was so tender it was awesome, but I had difficulty trying to find the coffee taste. RL, on the other hand, had absolutely no issues finding the coffee taste, and Miss Anise also managed to taste the coffee aroma. It was ME! I couldn’t believe it, and as much as I tried and tried and tried, I couldn’t find that coffee taste. Boo hoo. In any case, the meat was awesome and tender. I enjoyed the dish.

The vegetarian slow cooked tomatoes was a little underwhelming for JT, and even for me, even though I am a fan of tomato based dishes. I think this was our least favourite dish for the evening.

The salmon that Miss Anise ordered came out looking really appetising, and once again, rather generous in serving. I had a taste and thought it was cooked beautifully, and had a decent taste to the beurre blanc sauce. Unfortunately, a tiny mishap happened with Miss Anise having a little pin bone being lodged into the back of her throat. This was a small bone, and it was difficult to get it dislodged – so this cause irritation and discomfort to Miss Anise, causing a damper for her to the overall experience. I was actually surprised nothing was done with the fish (as with the scallops), but the waiter was kind enough to check back after the issue was made known.

After mains, we had a pre-dessert of a lovely cheese (with more bread!). This came along with two little servings of apple coated with cheese/sour cream and walnuts, which went famously well with the cheese on offer. I loved the little touch of the waiter giving us our individual serves at the table.

Then we had another pre-dessert of a rice pudding served with some caramel. I am not usually a fan of rice pudding, but the caramel definitely gave this little pre-dessert a winning touch. I was definitely a fan of this particular rice pudding.

Desserts came not too long after, and we were all really eager to get right into it.

The apple dome that Miss Anise and I had was good, but not too ‘wow’ unfortunately. It got a bit rich towards the end, and I found my salty teeth unable to handle the sweetness that much more.

The dessert of the day was the least favoured amongst the desserts – we found that it tasted rather strange, and perhaps it’s just our palates, but JT wasn’t actually able to finish the dessert. He regretted this order.

The crème brulee was the dessert and dish of the evening with everyone eyeing RL’s crème brulee once we all had a try of it. Being described as the best crème brulee in Perth by Miss Anise, and the best ever tried by RL, there is very little left to say… I found it to be delicious too, and JT was starting to lean towards RL as the crème brulee slowly disappeared.

The meal was then finished off with a choice of coffee/tea… and by then we were all stuffed to the brim, and whilst it was a bit of a damper with the fish bone incident with Miss Anise, I’d say there was a good amount of dishes that were memorable.

The service was excellent, and we were lucky enough to have a really good looking waiter! =X He even questioned the content of my photography at one stage. Oops. Discrete is not my middle name unfortunately!

The overall experience for me at Bistro des Artistes was for me a positive one, and I would go back again. However, I’d say the food was hit and miss (more hits than misses), and with the fish bone incident, I hope that aspect will improve, and we won’t have to send back any more dishes in my next visit.

Rating: 3.65 out of 5 stars (marked down due to plastic and bone in two dishes)

Rating by: S.T a.k.a. Miss Egg

Le Bistro des Artistes
Telephone: (08) 6141 8761
Address: 424 Hay Street, Subiaco

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