VARQ Indian Restaurant, Wembley


One day, as I was checking PFE’s email (remember it’s perthfoodengineers@gmail dot com!), I got one from the owner of Varq asking the PFEs if we were interested in dropping by for a meal at the restaurant, located in Wembley.

A dear colleague DC has commented to me about my lack of reviews for Indian establishment, and he has been trying to get me to go to more Indian establishments.

With this email, it was difficult to turn down, and so DC and I made a date to head to Varq for a meal.

Having missed our bus, we made an effort to catch a cab, but walked in the direction of Wembley as we made that effort. So by the time we managed to catch a cab, we were already a good distance away from where we started, and needless to say, we were starving by the time we got to Varq.

From the outside, the glass panels allowed people to see the inside of the restaurant which was nice and spacious. We were greeted by a lovely guy who showed us to our table. We got ourselves a ‘window’ seat, and was presented the menu, which included a lunch set menu and the usual a la carte menu for perusal.

We took a while to finally decide on our choices for the meal, which included:

  • Samosas – $8.50
  • Butter Chicken – $22
  • Chicken Tikka Masala – $22
  • Garlic Naan – $4
  • Rice – $3.50pp
  • Sticky Date Pudding – $10
  • Coke, Lemon Squash

We didn’t have to wait long before the samosas came out of the kitchen, piping hot. It was a good serve for each person, and they also had a generous serve of sauces that complemented the samosas.

I have always had a liking for samosas, so as I dug into my share, I found myself munching and enjoying the entrée. The mint sauce was lovely and was my favourite of the two sauces (the other being a tamarind sauce).

We had our mains all served together with the naan and rice (which is always a great thing). I got stuck right into my favourite butter chicken, whilst DC dug into the chicken tikka masala which he favoured over the goat curry that I was rather keen to try.

The butter chicken was not too thick, which is good with loading up on the rice, but I would have personally liked it to be a little bit tastier. It was tasty but there seemed to be some sort of element missing for me. DC thought it was pretty good.

The chicken tikka masala is something that DC orders rather regularly and it was actually my first time trying (or maybe I had tried it before but never knew what the name of the dish was called). I enjoyed this dish, with the spices bursting into the mouth. I think I’d want to try the Vindaloo if I made a trip there again. Spicy please!

The chicken in both dishes were cooked well, nice and tender.

The garlic naan was a delight, with real chopped garlic on the top, and as always, a real delight to be soaking up all the gravy from the butter chicken and tikka masala. The rice came in handy too, fragrant and well cooked.

Dessert time came, and I have never really had the palate for Indian sweets, and neither has DC, so we decided to go for something less culturally in line with our meal, and settled on a sticky date pudding.

The pudding was really tasty and made DC one happy man. I enjoyed it but I think I was just overly stuffed with all that curry and naan and rice and samosa that it all became a tad too rich for me. That said, I did find it to be a good sticky date pudding.

The service is something I cannot really comment much on since it was rather empty that day, but our bottle of water was consistently being replaced, and the waiter was really patient as we deliberated on the menu and what to order.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Varq, and am keen to head back to have some vindaloo and try their specialty goat curry.

Thanks to the team at Varq for the invitation to have a meal at your restaurant.

Narration: S.T a.k.a. Miss Egg

VARQ Indian Restaurant
Telephone: (08) 6361 1160
Address: 284 Cambridge Street, Wembley

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One thought on “VARQ Indian Restaurant, Wembley

  1. VARQ really looked lovely, I enjoyed your post and will try them soon. If you are looking for a killer Vindaloo maybe try Yogi’s Contemporary Indian in Mandurah, spicy (ask for it hot and hold onto your seat), it sure is…. Overflowing with whole spices it really does pack a punch in the flavour department, their samosas are equally as good also.

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