Lemon Station Cafe, Cottesloe

Website: http://www.lemoncafes.com.au/

SC was intending to celebrate her birthday with a good brekkie. After searching around, I came up with a couple of options, with the final decision to be Lemon Station in Cottesloe.

Having seen the high ratings on Urbanspoon, I was really looking forward to having this brekkie.

Upon arriving at Lemon Station, SC and I were the first of the party to arrive, but as it was the place was packed! The interesting thing that we noted though – was the ability to make bookings. So remember that if you are coming to Lemon Station with a fairly big group, it will be good to make a reservation for it.

As we waited for the rest of the group to arrive, we were left feeling a little lost and did not know if we were going to be served, or if we were supposed to find a table ourselves. People started streaming in one by one, with some looking for tables like us, and some buying takeaway coffees.

We were then noticed by a lady who asked us if were after a table. Requesting one for 6 people, she then said that she could do one outside in about 10min, which we were only too happy to know.

By this time, we had already glanced through the menu (though not giving really careful considerations about it). As we were being seated, the sun was out and brightly shining and it was simply gorgeous!

As we deliberated on the menu, we finally decided:

  • The Station (1 egg poached, 1 egg fried, bacon, baked beans, chorizo, tomato & toast) – $20
  • The Station (2 eggs poached, bacon, baked beans, chorizo, tomato & toast) – $20
  • Green eggs and ham (free range eggs scrambled with basil pesto & parmesan, smoked ham and sour dough toast) + side of mushrooms – $14 + $4.50
  • Green eggs and ham (free range eggs scrambled with basil pesto & parmesan, smoked ham and sour dough toast) + side of Spanish beans – $14 + $4.50
  • Spanish beans baked with roast capsicum, chipotle chilli & Mozzarella, and Basil Oil – $18
  • Juices (Apple, Orange and Strawberry | Carrot, Orange and Ginger |Apple, Celery and Ginger)
  • Brownie (Miss Egg’s brownie expedition)
  • Coffee

Yes, we challenged the egg option with one of “The Station” breakfasts. Hehehehe.

I loved the juices. I had the carrot, orange and ginger which had a nice zing to my usual favourite. The other juices were awesome, with the apple, celery and ginger being surprisingly tasty! They were all a delight.

The breakfasts then came through, and we were all “ooh-ing” and ahh-ing” at the sight of those plates, which looked absolutely brilliant.

The Station looked like the wholesome meal that would totally fill one’s tummy up completely. I love how they added a bit of greens on the plate as well, giving the plate a good mixture of colours. The eggs were well cooked, with the fried egg’s yolk looking all glistening and awesome. This was much enjoyed by the people who ordered this.

My green eggs and ham with a side of mushrooms were a sheer delight. This is definitely a great dish and something different from the usual breakfast choices. The scrambled eggs were cooked so nicely (and this is from someone who doesn’t really eat scrambled eggs because of the ups and downs you get with the quality)… and with that touch of basil pesto and parmesan – AH! What a beauty. The mushrooms were atypical. Nice and juicy.

The Spanish beans were a great serve, and looked absolutely appetising. I had a bit of a taste, and loved it. The beans were cooked perfect, and the sauce tasty. This certainly made VA a happy girl with her choice of having beans as a side with her green eggs.

The brownie had a good taste, but it had the crumbly texture that I don’t usually associate with brownies.

The coffees were awesome, with a second order coming just before we ended our meal.

The service was prompt, and the wait staff obliging and attentive. Friendly too, serving with a smile and great enthusiasm. One of the better teams we have seen!

Lemon Station was a great breakfast experience, and I would gladly go back there in due time to have more of those green eggs and ham! Please don’t remove it from your menu!

Rating: 3.85 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a. Miss Egg

Lemon Station Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9284 3808
Address: 7 Station Street, Cottesloe

Lemon Station Cafe on Urbanspoon

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