****FUKU Soft Opening****


The PFEs were delighted and honoured to be invited to the FUKU soft opening that occurred during the week ending 14 October 2012.

We had two options to choose from and because of a little bit of a delayed reply we weren’t able to get our first choice and were booked in for the second evening’s session at 7.30pm.

Having been in touch with some other bloggers, I was personally delighted to know some of them were going to be there on the same day as us! Among them were Perth Munchkin, TFP, Life’s a Peach, Foodie Cravings, Sprinkling of Spice. PFEs were happy to see familiar faces and glad to have met the other fellow bloggers!

FUKU (meaning “lucky”, “blessed”, “fortunate”) is an Omakase/Teppanyaki establishment that has been set up by the co-owners of Tsunami Restaurant next door in Mosman Park. I was excited about this dinner and was eager for it to start! As I drove along it was not difficult to spot FUKU with its nice modern sign on the outside. What is less noticeable is the fact that one would not be able to open the door without pressing the ‘doorbell’ which is located on the side of the door.

As the door slid open, I was welcome by the warmth of the décor within FUKU, and by a bunch of diners who were already digging into the Omakase meal. I knew then that it must have been a staggered meal.

One of the things that you’d see stand out with FUKU is that each set choice comes with free flow of mineral/sparkling water, which is wonderful because one would not have to worry about thinking of the number of bottles of water you are consuming as you are enjoying your meal – definitely a great thought! I opted for sparkling on this occasion, and decided on the red wine on offer – a Willow Ridge 2010 Cabernet Merlot.

There are typically three choices when dining at FUKU:

  1. Good – $110 per person
  2. Better – $160 per person (this is what we had for the soft opening)
  3. Best – $250

Onto to the important stuff – FOOD!

The menu we were presented with:

We were also presented with a little ‘cheat’ sheet, where FAQs were neatly typed out for us to peruse:

Due to special request of no raw fish, squid nor octopus, I was presented with a slightly different menu for the evening (I will note this as I move along the dishes).

A little bit on each dish!

The Sashimi and Sushi looked rather fresh, and from neighbouring comments, it seemed that this was a winner start to the evening! I had some sushi as well, but instead of the sashimi, I had a lightly poached (shabu-shabu style) swordfish topped with some sesame sauce, which was absolutely beautiful. I loved how he didn’t fully cooked the fish and left this soft texture with the freshness just slide down the throat. One of the best dishes of the evening for me, easily. Great sushi served too. And… FRESH WASABI. Yes please! More Sir, more!

The next dish was Small Morsels, where the bulk of the people were presented with some Tsubugai (shellfish), Octopus, and a lobster meat and avocado salad. For the replacement of the octopus and Tsubugai, I had a fried quail with some Hawaiian ash salt – thus the black colour. The second dish was also presented with some slices of wagyu beef, complemented with the same sesame sauce as that accompanying my swordfish. The favourite was the beef, which was tender and great with the sesame sauce, then followed by the lobster with avocado… which when taken piece by piece gave a completely different taste/dimension than when you put the whole spoon into your mouth and have the flavours burst in the mouth.

The third dish which was yet another quail for me, but this time, it was with a pomegranate sauce, and a warm salsa, which had us all going “ooooo, interesting…”. I personally thought the sauce of this dish to be rather tasty, but perhaps I was too quailed-out by then, so this dish was a bit lower on the scale compared to dish 1 and 2.

Before we were served the next dish, we had another chef (not chef Tetsuya) come by and started heating the Teppanyaki hot plate, all ready to do some great action! We soon found out that it was jumbo prawns that were going to be on our palates, and it was awesome to see the chef in action, using his artistic skills to deshell the prawns, etc. Scallops were placed on the hot plate not long after. Butter was the highlight taste of the dish, with the other being the prawn head that was presented together with the seafood. I understand the prawn head was awesome with a great crisp. This dish was so decadent and awesome to taste that we were all left rather speechless. A clear favourite!

The fish of the day was served not too long after, and the sauce that accompanied had this taste of tamarind, all tangy, which left me a really happy Miss Egg to say the least! Miss L is not a fan of the sour element, so she did not enjoy this dish as much as I did.

Then came the exciting moment of the meal where the wagyu beef fat was brought out, in accompaniment with some eggs. The eggs were tossed and acrobatically cracked, all ready for some cha-han (fried rice) action! We were told that the wagyu fat would be used for the fried rice, and there would be some butter added, and we sure were excited! Well, I know I was.


During this time as well, we were politely asked by the chef how we’d like our beef cooked, with which I replied “medium rare” and Miss L “medium”.

I had my wagyu steak with the fried rice served together because of me being slow to finish some of the other dishes (too busy taking photos and doing the live broadcast, which we thank you for your great responses!).

I was honestly a tad disappointed with the cha-han – would have liked a little more salt in the rice, but it might be me having a less sensitive palate than catered for. I loved the beef. Every bite was tender and melted in the mouth. The sauce that accompanied it was lovely, and had a little bit of spiciness to it. The onions that were served with the beef gave the dish a sweetness to it, that provided a new dimension.

By this time, we were happily chatting to the other co-owner of the joint Brett, and asked us for questions, on top of those already mentioned in the FAQ sheets. Very approachable, we asked questions ranging from the source of the food items (and this is really international from Japan, to various parts of Australia, depending on the produce itself). He was only too happy to answer. We were then gifted with a presentation of this apparatus that serves to chill sake, which is meant to be the way good sake is drunk. It was awesome cool! And this is not engineers’ talk. It is… well, it was just cool. *wink*

As we saw the dessert being served, we were eager to dig in (I know I was), especially in that pannacotta, which sounded so lovely! I started with this, and as I dug in, it was nothing like what I expected of a pannacotta in that it was so silky, smooth, soft, and with that additional green tea flavour, this was just beautiful. I think this was my favourite part of the dessert dish. The mountain peach was so cute juicy. First time trying this, it was lovely. I wonder where we’d be able to get it. Then I finally dug into the Baumkuchen that resembled an Asian layered cake called “kueh lapis”, eaten in Singapore/Malaysia. As I took my first mouthful, I was expecting a sweet flavour to explode, but this was not the case, it was nice and light, and not overly sweet. Kinako is apparently ground soy beans with icing sugar. Innovative!

As most of the guests left, TFP, Jac and us decided to stay back for a bit to have a more intimate chat with Brett, which was awesome. A little side adventure was to the loo, where the female lavatory was very Japan like with a console for you to do various things. Think massage, think etiquette (where music starts playing for reasons both you and I will probably not need to elaborate on *wink*), etc.

The collection of sake on the other side of the restaurant is something that is of a great idea, with a significant portion special imports (only imported to FUKU). The most expensive bottle of sake is $300.

On top of the FAQ, you will find more information on FUKU on their website. Remember that they do not take bookings over the phone – only via the website. If you like to take a risk, then head to FUKU and see if the little lantern you see hanging is amber, it means there are seats available. If not, then you have missed out unfortunately.

FUKU has been a wonderful experience, and I am excited to see Brett and Chef Tetsuya carve themselves yet another big name in the food world here in Perth! Thank you FUKU for the invitation. The PFEs had such a wonderful time.

Narration by: S.T a.k.a. Miss Egg

FUKU Omakase & Teppanyaki
Address: 20 Glyde Street, Mosman Park

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