Dux Restaurant and Cafe, Como

Website: http://www.duxrestaurant.com.au/

Entertainment Book 12/13: 25% total bill (up to $45 value)

Having a bit of a curious palate, the folks and I decided we should try somewhere new, and also make use of the Entertainment Book 2012/13 as well. Flipping through the pages of the great discount book, I stumbled across Dux, and recalled that a fellow church mate had good things to say about it. So off we went onto book using the Dimmi application. Got a confirmation immediately.

Dux can be missed if you weren’t really paying attention, but having passed this place before whilst driving, it wasn’t too difficult to find it.

Upon arriving, we found the place empty (we were the first dinner guests for the evening), but it had a rather nice and inviting feeling. Almost like entering someone’s home.

We were kindly seated by the wait staff, and were presented our menus.

I cheated and actually found the menu online before coming to Dux so I had a rough idea of what I wanted to have for the evening.

Didn’t take us long before we decided on the following:

  • Fish of the Day (two serves)
  • Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken
  • Steamed seasonal vegetables
  • Fresh Bread to share

The fresh bread came out first not long after we ordered the food. We were a tad disappointed with the fact that the bread was served cold. I personally would love some warm bread to start the meal off, but this wasn’t the case. The balsamic and olive oil combination was lovely, and so was the herb butter though it was a tad tough to spread since it was not really at room temperature either, and with the bread served cold, it was a tad difficult to bring the two together.

The fish of the day was a lovely dish, but a tad too rich for Mom. I had a bit of it and found it to be rather tasty. Both the folks finished the meal, so it must mean that it was pretty good.

I really enjoyed the prosciutto wrapped chicken, and was told thereafter that the chicken was the most popular dish that Dux had to offer. I loved the taste of the combination of the potato and the chicken with the prosciutto. However, it was a tad heavy for me, and I took quite a fair bit of effort finishing the dish.

The steamed vegetables were lovely. Cooked well.

The service at Dux was great, with the wait staff friendly, and were patient with us and our deliberations.

The food was enjoyable but haven’t wow-ed me over unfortunately. The overall experience at Dux was definitely positive, but it may be a while before I return.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a. Miss Egg

Dux Restaurant and Cafe
Telephone: (08) 9474 9000
Address: 71 South Terrace, Como

Dux Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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