Siderno Caffe & Ristorante, Osbourne Park


Entertainment Book 12/13: 25% total bill (up to $32 value)

Having a craving for an Italian meal was the base of the selection of Siderno Italian, a restaurant that we haven’t tried before, and so happens to be in the entertainment book too. Score!

When I made the booking for the evening, I was told that they could only accommodate me on the outside, which I thought was a fair call after being told that they had heaters available.

Upon arriving, we found our way to Siderno and found this really crowded restaurant, with a nice vibrant feel to it. We went in, and were a bit lost at where we should wait to be seated. Before long, we found a waitress who checked the reservations register and took us to our table outside.

As we were seated, the waitress was kind enough to pull the blinds down to make it a little bit warmer, and turned the heater up too.

We read through the menu, and I was personally quite intrigued by the variety of the dishes that were on the menu, and the extent of the menu too.

After looking through the menu, we decided on the following for the evening:

  • Garlic bread
  • Prawn and scallop spaghetti
  • Tortellini crema
  • Barramundi with calamari, mash potato and rocket

The garlic bread came out rather swiftly to soothe our growling tummies. We immediately grabbed a piece each, and had another one to fight over. The garlic bread was well ‘soaked’ with the garlic/herb butter, which I certainly did enjoy… The other thing is how it was served nice and hot, which made the whole experience even more enjoyable.

The mains came out not too long after, and as we saw each plate being served, we were gasping in surprise, and curiosity as to how we might finish all our plates because of the sheer enormity of the servings! All that said… the proof is in the pudding’s sweetness. Well, not really, but you know what I mean. *wink*

The prawn and scallop spaghetti was served with a generous serving of the seafood, and the texture of the pasta was nice. Not too thick, and sufficient sauce to cover the spaghetti. The seafood was cooked nicely. The only unfortunate thing is the lack of seasoning in this dish. It was a tad too bland.

The other pasta, tortellini crema was another good dish with the pasta and consistency of the sauce cooked well, but there was once again a lack in seasoning, because it was rather bland. Nothing some salt can’t fix, but I did question if there was a tendency in the dishes here be served on the bland side?

The fish was served in a generous portion as well, with a huge portion of mash below the fish. The fish was probably the tastiest amongst all three dishes ordered.

The service here was great. I loved the fact that we weren’t ‘isolated’ in service, even though our table was somewhat isolated from the main set of tables that were inside the restaurant itself. Our requests were promptly attended to as well.

Overall, Siderno calls for a good family restaurant, with generous portions (I would definitely be sharing one portion the next time I head there) to go by. The taste of the dishes leaves a little less than desired, but I would give them another chance sometime.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a. Miss Egg

Siderno Caffe & Ristorante
Telephone: (08) 9440 6001
Address: 224 Main Street, Osbourne Park

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