Embers, Gooseberry Hill

Website: http://www.emberswoodfired.com/

It was quite a lovely day and we were thinking about what to do, and so the decision was to head to the hills for a bit of a drive and visit some of the wineries there too. So where should we go for lunch then?

After doing a bit of research on Urbanspoon, I stumbled upon Embers, with which there was also a review done by a fellow blogger mate of mine, PFJ, who gave pretty decent reviews of this place. And so I thought, “why not try this?”.

I made a booking, and an easy one at that, and started to look forward to a good afternoon out.

Driving to the hills always give me the feeling that I am going out somewhere so different, somewhere where I can just relax. Upon arriving at the restaurant, I was immediately taken in by the unique furniture and settings they had for the tables within the restaurant. And what a big place it was too.

Anyway, we were swiftly brought to our table, and we were quick too, in looking through the menu, which proved to be rather extensive.

In the end, we chose the following:

  • Garlic bread
  • Chilli Mussels
  • Chicken Parmigiana
  • Marinara Pasta (prawns, squid, fish, mussels and fettuccine in a napolitana sauce)
  • Granchio Pasta (Hot) (Fresh crab, and prawns tossed through linguini with olive oil, garlic, lemon and chilli)

The garlic bread was served with a swirl of balsamic glaze around the plate, which actually added another dimension of taste to the dish. Not too sure if it was meant to be more of an aesthetic effect, or an actual taste complement, but it didn’t make too much of a difference for me. I personally think I have tasted better garlic bread, so I wasn’t overly impressed with this entrée.

We ordered the chilli mussels to share as an entrée, on top of the garlic bread (we were hungry souls that day, or so it seems). It was served piping hot, which is always an awesome thing. As we dug into the mussels, I realised there was a bit of a diluted consistency with the gravy and found that there was a lack of the usual garlic taste that comes along with this dish. That said, the mussels were fresh, and well cooked.

I ordered the chicken parmigiana, which was quite a big serving. I liked that the parmigiana was cooked with a good amount of tomato sauce, which gave that flavour punch I was looking for. The chicken was nice and tender, but the chips on the other hand was a tad disappointing, lacking that bit of a crunch (for those not already soaked by the tomato sauce), and did not have too much of the salty edge that I was looking for.

The marinara pasta was alright. The pasta was overcooked in my opinion, and the taste average. There was a generous serving of seafood though, and a little small dish of parmesan cheese, which is always nice.

The granchio pasta was served with a generous serving of seafood and prawn, but for Mom, it was a tad on the light side on the overall tastiness of the dish. I had a taste, and agreed.

The service was OK, with the wait staff generally friendly, and was quick to attend to us.

Overall, the experience at Embers was an average one. I wouldn’t mind going back to try their pizzas (being a pizza place), but I probably won’t have any pastas as the two we had this afternoon was on the disappointing side of the scale.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T a.k.a. Miss Egg

Telephone: (08) 9293 3663
Address: 169 Railway Road, Gooseberry Hill

Embers on Urbanspoon

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