RiverBank Estate, Caversham

AlfrescoWebsite: http://riverbankestate.com.au/

Entertainment Book 12/13: Complimentary MAIN COURSE when another of equal or lower value is purchase (up to $50 value)

With Mom’s sister being in town, we thought we’d take a drive down to Swan Valley (well, Caversham to be exact in our case here) to have a meal. Searching through the Entertainment Book, I came across RiverBank Estate and thought since we haven’t been there, we might give this place a try.

Given the fact that I had taken annual leave and it was a Monday, this place was virtually empty when we arrived. We were kindly seated at the alfresco dining area, which gave us a view of the vineyard, and some luscious greenery.

IMG_3020We quickly deliberated on the wines first and ordered the following:

  • RiverBank’s 2006 Shiraz ($34)
  • Glass of Jailbird White ($8)

Dad and I enjoyed the Shiraz immensely and even went on to buy a couple of bottles after our meal! The Shiraz is definitely special.

Didn’t take us too long before we decided on the other dishes, with which we had the following:

  • Garlic Bread ($8)
  • Chilli & Garlic Squid ($12)
  • Spicy Kalamata Olives ($8)
  • Char grilled beef fillet, lyonnaise potato, pate, cognac and pepper sauce ($40)
  • 3 serves of their Grilled market fish, served on a bed of braised cabbage and bacon, Cambinata yabby, and champagne cream sauce ($42)
  • Seasonal vegetables tossed in butter ($12)


The starters were all beautiful, especially the combination of the garlic bread and olives (weird, granted, but it was such a delicious combination!). The olives were beautifully marinated, with a good amount of garlic and chilli, which really brought us to a happy place. The chilli and garlic squid was tasty too, and was quickly devoured by the folks and aunt at the table. Mom and I took note and loved the fact that the garlic bread was served on a turkish bread – something a little different from the norm.

Garlic Bread   Chilli & garlic Squid

The beef that I ordered was beautifully cooked to medium rare, and nice serving of sauce around it and the potatoes, which is always a lovely treat for me. The lyonnaise potato was yummy, and by the time I finished this dish, I was too full for dessert! :( Sad times do come by.

char grilled beef

The fish and yabby combination was well received by the other three at the table. I had a little bit and it was tasty and cooked well. The only thing that was noted was that the cream sauce did make it a little too heavy especially towards the end of the plate. But overall a tasty good dish.

Market Fish

The vegetables were the typical side dish you’d get at a restaurant, nice and fresh. And a good variety too. Awesome colours!


The service at RiverBank Estate was awesome. Attentive and patient, we certainly enjoyed our time at the vineyard. I wouldn’t mind coming back here again!

Rating: 3.75 of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

RiverBank Estate
Telephone: (08) 9377 1805
Address: 126 Hamersley Road, Caversham

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