The Precinct, Victoria Park

From the insideWebsite:

Disclaimer: This post is largely overdue, so please note that some of the things mentioned here may have changed in a positive/negative way.

It was a catch up between the bloggers that was somewhat overdue (too). So after making some arrangements, the final headcount for this evening was between the Perth Food Journal and her partner A, as well as Perth Munchkin with her partner GG. Miss L wasn’t able to make it to this one, so it was just me.

Set up for our reserved tablePerth Munchkin had made a booking for us this evening, and since i was the first to arrive, I started taking some photos of the place, and found it to be really well decorated, with this vibe of funkiness running through the joint.

Before long, PFJ and Munchkin came along. As we deliberated through the menu, we as hungry souls were eager to try almost everything on the menu, and so we thought, “why not just try everything and share?!”. Genius. (: But we also did some filtering work for those items that we were not going to have for certain.

TempranilloWe also ordered a bottle of wine, which came to a light red wine that would complement PFJ and my preference and Munchkin’s preference for white-but-ok-with-light-reds.

Our orders for the evening:

  • Bottle of Alozano Tempranillo 2010 – $42
  • Basil & balsamic octopus, baguette – $14
  • Lemon pepper, rosemary popcorn – $5
  • baba ganoush dip, tortilla crisps – $9
  • cauliflower risotto, marscapone – $14
  • Sliders duo – $12 (we had two serves)
  • Chicken wings, nam jim – $14
  • ham hock terrine, piccalilli – $16
  • raw brushcetta, almond mayo – $12
  • Fries – $9
  • Truffle mac & cheese – $12
  • mixed vegetables, salsa verde – $7
  • Banoffee pie – $12
  • chocolate truffles – $6 (complimentary for us because of a story that I will explain as we move along…)

Yes it sounds like a whole lot of food for four people (A was delayed so we started without her)… but we managed just fine. *wink*

The bottle of wine was observed to be a little over room temperature, which left PFJ a little unsettled. I found the wine to be nice and light. Temperature wise, I wasn’t too fussed, but I can’t say that I am a real wine drinker, so I left it to PFJ.

I won’t go into details of all the dishes because there are so many, but the ones that did stand out for us were:

  • Sliders duo
  • Fries
  • Truffle mac & cheese

Sliders Duo

The sliders duo were awesome in that the meat patty was so tender and moist, and there was a good punch to the flavour of the slider. One of the better sliders I have tasted for sure, and I’d eat both of those sliders myself if I ever had another meal here!


The fries were awesome and well seasoned. The texture, crisp, left us all hanging out for more. A ordered a serve for herself (with the sliders) when she came and liked it as well. So definitely a winner for all.

truffle mac & cheese

The truffle mac & cheese was the pleasant surprise of the evening with the truffle aroma just travelling through the kid’s favourite. This made the dish go from a “G” to a “PG”! I personally loved it. And I’m not even a mac & cheese fan.

The biggest disappointments to my mind were:

  • Popcorn
  • Chicken wings
  • Octopus (according to PFJ and PM, I didn’t have any)
  • Banoffee pie

The popcorn turned out to be a little stale, and I would have preferred if a little more effort was made into putting the popcorn into a bowl, rather than presenting it as a takeaway item in a bag. I quite like the flavour, but because it was stale, it just didn’t cut it.


The chicken wings were average and a disappointment because it looked so much better than it tasted. I would have loved a little more marination on the chicken.

Chicken wings

The octopus was named the worst dish of the evening because of the texture and overall taste of the seafood. I had a smell of the jar and wasn’t too impressed. Definitely not a winner.


The banoffee pie was a deconstructed dessert, which we hadn’t known before, so this took us by surprise, and in the negative direction unfortunately. There was a tad too much sweetness (although banoffee pie is meant to be sweet) for me. A little too little banana taste too.

Deconstructed Banoffee Pie

The rest of the dishes were really quite average, and I wouldn’t be ordering them again if I were to come back to this establishment.

Cauliflower RisottoRaw Bruschetta

Terrinebaba ganoush & tortilla


The one thing we were rather impressed with was how the floor manager (this was our assumption on the evening) came and interacted with us, checked on how we liked our food, and upon hearing our comments on the ones we were disappointed with, she then explained the concept of the place, and how there were dishes on the menu that are created as deconstructed dishes from the norm that people would expect. She offered complimentary coffee for us, with which we politely declined because we were not really keen for coffee at the point. Then she came along with some truffles that were complimentary for us. At this point, we were all impressed with her level of service. I was personally comforted that despite us telling her negative comments on the food, she just took it all in, and even offered something to make the whole experience a little better.


Overall, the Precinct was more of a disappointment than a happy-ever-after ending. But I’d like to do a shout-out to that floor manager who took care of us and listened to us that evening, making the whole experience a pleasant one despite the less than desired palate experiences.

Rating: 2.75 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

The Precinct
Telephone: (08) 9355 2880
Address: 834 Albany Highway, Victoria Park

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2 thoughts on “The Precinct, Victoria Park

  1. I feel exactly the same about The Precinct. I’ve been several times and always have high hopes that they may have tightened up on their food quality… but in my opinion, it always falls a little short of a great eating establishment. One thing that stood out to me, that you didn’t mention in your review, is that their ‘babaganoush’ dip is… well, not babaganoush. When I first tried it I was really disappointed, as it just tasted like cream cheese. It was devoid of the soft, smoky eggplant flavour that you’d espect from this classic dip. I’ve since been back again and I assume that they received negative feedback, as it’s now classified as ‘eggplant and cream cheese dip’. Haha. I do concur about the (mostly) great service (there was once a waitress that told me the skirt steak should only be cooked ‘medium’ or it’d be ‘chewy’. She refused to meet my request for rare. It arrived overcooked, almost well-done) and the winning sliders though. Delicious. Love your blog. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks for the lovely compliment of the blog! I had a look through yours too, and it looks fantastic!

      I forgot about the babaganoush actually. Good pick up! I’d totally agree with you – don’t know how an authentic babaganoush should taste but the lack of eggplant flavour was the thing for me.

      Look forward to hearing more thoughts on other places you’ve visited!

      Miss Egg (S.T.)

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