****An Arvo @ Frisk****

OutsideThe PFEs were invited to this funky little cafe turned bar in Northbridge. Frisky McFrisk sent us an email asking us to pop by and of course we would!

Having been there twice now, I was excited to head there because I have always loved the funky do of this place, and the relaxing vibe that you get when you walk in. No form of pretence whatsoever, you walk in and you feel right at home.

I was certainly excited to try some of their cocktails this day.

Due to the PFE’s individual schedules we have had to request for a time on a Sunday afternoon. We never did realise that they were opening specially for us because they hadn’t started their Sunday trading when we headed there (but they will be open on Sundays from March, so hoorah!). We were touched, and really honoured.

Bottles!The Team

West Winds Gin and TonicArriving, we were warmly greeted by Tuan, who would remain our company for the rest of the afternoon at the bar. Not knowing what to expect, he asked, “would you like to have a drink?” And the answer (quite obviously) was a yes. He then started us off with some West Winds gin and tonic. But this gin that he would be presenting us with had a nice little spicy flavour, to which he complemented with some slices of capsicum.

I must say, I was never really a gin person, but hearing about how this gin was different, I decided to give this a go, and how beautiful it was! Certainly made a wonderful start to the afternoon. There was this bitey flavour that one wouldn’t associate with a good drink, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Mushrooms & FishcakeCheese & Crackers

Miss L and myself were keen on ordering some bites to soak up the alcohol, so we had some thai fish cakes, stuffed mushrooms, and cheese and crackers. We had initially ordered some of their fat bread (to which I heard later that it’s really awesome and worth a try) but they had ran out.

Whilst sipping on our Margaret River gin concoction, Tuan slowly explained to us that the formally morning coffee cafe is slowly transforming into a bar, where the focus is really on becoming a world leader in gin variety. The current world leading bar has a stock of 161 varieties. But this is now overtaken by Frisk with a good total of 180 different types of gin stocked in their bar for people to have a try! Just the bottles at the bar is enough to impress.

FOOD!Gin is something that is rather overlooked, and underrated. This is what I gathered from Tuan. And only after trying the West Winds gin, I must say I am in agreement!

The snacks that we had were actually really tasty. I loved the stuffed mushrooms which were filled with pesto and cheese. And the brie and cheddar cheese with cheds. Nice! I stuck around the snacks right to the end. Tuan had even asked a few times if I was done with the cheese, to which by the third time I had to say “OK, I think I am finally done”.

The next cocktail I tried was yet another gin concoction (for a person who hadn’t really drank gin before this, I am almost a converted soul!)… Citadelle Gin (based in France), which was mixed with a whole lot of mint, burnt orange and vanilla bean syrup and soda water. I loooooved this. Refreshing because of the heavy mint input, this was a drink I could probably drink all day. The gin itself was different to the West Winds which had a more bitey flavour. Already I feel myself becoming an appreciator of gin! This was certainly a beautiful combination of flavours, and I wouldn’t mind having another one of these again.

Citadelle GinMinty Citadelle

Espresso MartiniMiss L’s next cocktail in line was a requested Espresso Martini (this was after going through their extensive menu). Tuan told us a story about how he and his fellow Frisk colleague had to create espresso martini’s all night during an occasion, and by the end of it, there was only sore arms, and a rather well used bar. I wasn’t surprised after seeing how much he was shaking those elements together, giving us a nice creamy espresso martini. Yummmmmmo. Miss L really enjoyed the martini, and my sip was certainly a nice kick!

I hadn’t realised that Miss L had a prior engagement at 4pm this afternoon, when I told Tuan I wouldn’t mind trying another cocktail. Oops! In any case, he created something stronger this time. An Aphrodite Martini.

Isford GinAphrodite Martini

This was created with Ishford Gin (based in Greenland), Vermut Regiato and Aphrodite bitters. Tuan added a nice little grapefruit peel into the martini to finish the drink, which was, to me, a beautiful touch because what tasted like a bit too strong of a drink for me initially, ended up tasting beautifully smooth at the end. I made a boo-boo here thinking it was orange peel, and felt awfully embarrassed when I got told that it was grapefruit. =X

Aphrodite Martini Ingredients

Gin and GlassesThe afternoon spent at Frisk was nice, relaxing, and with a crew that took the time to explain items in a friendly, humble way, only made for the experience to be even better.  We were told that there would be certain cocktails that can be created to be in line with certain events, such as the upcoming V-day, or Chinese New Year (Tuan showed us some star anise and coriander seeds that he was going to use to try to make something up!). This was certainly a unique twist to the typical bar that you would visit elsewhere. Woot! They would also cater for functions, and with such a funky do, I wouldn’t see why one wouldn’t hold a nice birthday party here. Or even an office function.

Miss L and I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, and I for one, cannot wait to get back there to try more of those gin concoctions!

Well done Frisky McFrisk and the wonderful team at Frisk! And a special shout-out to Tuan Ngo, who spent the afternoon with us.

Website: http://www.frisksmallbar.com.au

Narration by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

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