Guzman y Gomez, Northbridge

At the CounterWebsite:

Having been to the store over east, Miss Anise had told me good things about GYG, and I was keen on trying after missing out on the free burrito giveaway when they first opened not too long ago.

Miss Anise’s hubby JT was supposed to be on site for a while, and we had arranged to head to GYG after squash one day before heading to Meet Fresh for dessert. This completely ruins the plans for squash to be some sort of weight loss plan, but food reigns!

Cyclone Rusty then gave JT the chance to come back earlier than expected, and so we got chauffeur service to Northrbridge this fine evening.

After finding the perfect parking spot, we walked in and immediately I was drawn to the wonderful bright colours that GYG had to offer. It almost resembled a cross between a canteen and a fast food joint. Absolutely loved the vibe.

From the Table

Deliberating on the menu, I found myself swaying towards the tacos or quesadillas, but was soon pushed for time because Miss Anise had already decided! I finally decided on the 3-quesadilla deal, two with barramundi fillings, and one with steak. Miss Anise had the 3-taco deal (hard tacos), one vegetarian, one steak and one chicken. JT decided on a steak burrito. We also ordered some chips and guacamole to share.

Mexican SodaJT and I decided to go all out and got ourselves some Mexican soda, both guava flavoured. Must say I wasn’t much of a fan of the soda. Tasted too sweet for my liking, and had a tad too little guava flavour.

The burrito was packed full of goodies, from rice to beans and chipotle steak. JT enjoyed it and found it really filling. The steak however, he would have liked it with more of a ‘spicy’ kick.

Miss Anise did enjoy the tacos, but preferred minced meat in them, rather than pieces. This was more of a personal preference. There was also a tad too much moisture, so the hard tacos unfortunately became soft and crumbly.


My quesadillas were beautiful – loved the fish. The steak was alright, but given a choice next time, I would re-order the fish and try the chicken. I also had issues with the quesadilla being a tad too moist, and crumbling towards the end.

The chips with guacamole was wonderful. I loved the fact that the chips were seasoned with some salt, and the guacamole was packed full of flavour. Lovely.

I think GYG is a great addition to the rise of Mexican fast food joints such as Salsa’s and Mad Mex. Will I be back? Probably. Will I only have GYG and not have Salsa’s or Mad Mex anymore? Probably not.

Rating: 3.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a Miss Egg

Guzman y Gomez
Address: 87 James Street, Northbridge
Telephone: (08) 6365 4552

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