Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park

Harvest EspressoHarvest Espresso is a new addition to the vibrant eatery scene on Albany Highway in Vic Park. I first heard of this place from the beautiful pictures of the Tarts that The Food Pornographer had put up on her blog. They looked amazing! I’d been wanting to get my hands on some ever since!

Harvest Espresso is a small cafe with an earthy and rustic ambiance.  I felt like I was dining in one of those special laneway cafe in Melbourne. Love! As I walked past the counter to my table, I spied the long awaited tarts. There were quite a few varieties! Yes! It’s ridiculous how one can get so excited about a tart!

Inside the cafe

Counter full of goodies

The menu:


We had the following for lunch:

  • Long Mac ($3.80) and Iced Chocolate ($6)
  • Seasonal Mushroom rocket, goats’ cheese, toasted brioche ($15)
  • Pulled Pork cabbage, carrot, celery slaw, mustart, gherkin, dill sandwich ($12)

long maciced choc

The Long Mac was strong and aromatic (beans are from 5 senses). My friends didn’t quite like the Iced Chocolate.

Mushroom, rocket, goats cheese on brioche

The Mushroom, Rockets, Goats cheese on toasted brioche was amazing! The mushrooms were juicy and goats cheese was quite mild. Great combination on a plate. It was fresh and flavorsome with a fluffy brioche base. Thumbs up!

Pulled pork, cabbage, celery slaw sandwich

The Pulled Pork toasted sandwich was served on turkish bread. I quite like this dish too, with the soft pork filling and creamy slaw sauce. The one thing I dislike is a dry sandwich but this was the opposite…perfect.

And now …to the Tarts! We had the Passionfruit curd Tart and Blueberry Chocolate Tart ($4.50 each). Their most popular is the Lemon curd Tart but they ran out as there were insufficient lemons in store to make them. Eeks I’ll have to come back again to get some another time.


The Tarts did not disappoint! Thin and crusty base with delicious filling – the ratio of filling to crust is more than what you normally get at other cafes. My favorite was the Passionfruit Curd Tart – rich spread and not overly sweet. :)

Harvest Espresso is well worth the visit. The service is great (very friendly staff) and the food reasonably priced and tasty!

Rating:  4.25 out of 5 stars

Rating by: N.L.

Harvest Espresso
Telephone: 0416 397 088
Address: 629 Albany Highway, Victoria Park
Harvest Espresso on Urbanspoon

2 thoughts on “Harvest Espresso, Victoria Park

  1. Hello Perth Food Engineers! Thanks so much for popping into harvest espresso recently. We’re very happy to hear you enjoyed your long-awaited tarts & we will try to have Lemon Curd Tarts available for your next visit :)
    Hope to see you again soon!

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