Wild Duck, Nedlands

Inside the wild DuckWebsite: http://www.wildduckrestaurant.com/

It was Miss Anise’s birthday around the corner, and being fans of good food, I thought the perfect gift would be to surprise her with a location that both she and I haven’t been before.

I stumbled across the Wild Duck when I was just browsing around in Urbanspoon. With its awesome  rating of 89% when I first viewed, I had pretty high hopes for this place. It’s great that Miss Anise usually tells me when she heads to a new restaurant, so I knew that she hadn’t been to this place before, and I was determined to make this a surprise for her.

LogoFor those who find Wild Duck a little familiar, it was formerly located in Albany. TFP has a beautiful review of it when she was there some time back. Having moved from Albany, I think they chose a perfect spot of Nedlands to house their kitchen and restaurant.

Wild Duck usually serves a choice of Ala Carte or Degustation during the weekdays, but only do Degustations on the weekend. I was keen to try their degustation after viewing a sample menu online, so I made a booking for us both for the degustation and noted items that Miss Anise and I don’t eat.

As part of the birthday plan, we had a movie session with Miss Anise’s husband, AH before heading to Wild Duck.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, the first thing I personally noticed was how spacious the place was, with a minimal number of tables spread across the dining area. We were swiftly brought to our table, which had a good distance from the next table. This provided that added privacy you would not get with other restaurants.


As we sat down, the menu immediately caught our eyes, and quite quickly we were hearing each other go “ooooo” and “ahhh”. Certainly excited for the evening!

Due to our requests for certain types of food not to be served, we had our soup changed from the seafood chowder that was on the menu, to a broccoli soup. Before I go any further, let me present the menu for the evening, bearing in mind we had a matching wines degustation…

  • Broccoli soup with Thompson Estate SSB
  • Mushroom ravioli with Dandelion Estate Rose
  • Barramundi with Anselmi San Vincenzo
  • Duck with Allegory Pinot Noir
  • Beef Duo with Hay Shed Cabernet Merlot
  • Chocolate desset with Castle Rock Estate Muscat

amuse bouche

Before we started with the soup, we started the evening with an amuse bouche of the chef’s waldorf salad. We were told that there’d be blue cheese in it, so I was a little hesitant at first before having the salad – not being the blue cheese lover that I am. Miss Anise on the other hand was delighted because she absolutely loves blue cheese.

The salad was beautifully served in two Asian soup spoons and I was personally really impressed with the multi-dimensional elements in the mouthful each of us were given. The blue cheese gave it an interesting edge, which I didn’t mind as much as I thought. Miss Anise, undoubtedly enjoyed each bite.

Broccoli Soup

Semillon Sauvignon BlancThe broccoli soup came not too long after, and was served in this average sized coffee cup with the feta cheese and a little broccoli piece sitting on the top. The first taste of the soup was absolutely divine! I was in absolute shock thinking how can broccoli soup be so tasty? The addition of the feta cheese was ingenious because it gave whole new flavour to the soup, and left me wanting more. The pairing of the SSB with the soup was spot on, and mixed really well. What a great start to the menu!

When the mushroom ravioli was served, the first thing that drew my attention was the asparagus foam that came along with it. It was wonderful to see such a beautiful colour on the plate, and the mushroom ravioli looked absolutely delectable, and it was! Stuffed with a variety of mushrooms, and covered with a mushroom sauce, this was an absolute delight for mushroom lovers! The filling of mushrooms was tasty, and went really well with the surprisingly tasty asparagus foam. With the foam being so light, it was difficult to say goodbye to the dish disappearing as we devoured it. The rose that was paired with this dish was lovely, though it didn’t blow me away.

Mushroom Ravioli

Barramundi with wineThe barramundi was served with an Italian wine, which had an amazing aroma. Miss Anise and I ended up being more excited to try the wine than the fish itself because of this aroma! To our surprise, the sweet smelling wine turned out to be a wine that was sadly a little less than what we were expecting. That said, it went well with the barramundi that was served with a combination of fennel and asparagus that really combined really well together on the palate. The fish was cooked perfect, and was certainly fresh.

The duck breast was next on the list, and what a wonderful deconstructed bubble and squeak this dish was served with. The cherry air was packed full of flavour and went beautifully with the well cooked duck. Unfortunately it got a bit salty to the end. The pair with this was a nice pinot noir which was local to the state.



Cherry SorbetThe palate cleanser was a cherry sorbet that was a tad too sweet for us unfortunately. And for some reason, I couldn’t taste the cherry flavour and felt that it tasted like a mixture of red berries.

Beef cheeks always excite me, so I was really looking forward to the cow dish. The wine that came along with this dish was a beautiful cabernet merlot that was not too strong in flavour, and made a good complement to the meat. This dish was for me the biggest let down of the evening. The cow tasted a tad stale for some reason.

Beef Duo

And… dessert. A combination of orange and chocolate always brings a smile to Miss Anise and my faces, and we were certainly excited to see what was in store for us.

Choc and Orange

Dessert and wineThe orange air, like the cherry air for the duck was beautiful and brought a nice new dimension to the dessert that was a sheer delight because of the dark chocolate components. The muscat was divine and went really well with the slight bitterness of the chocolate. Lovely!

Out of all the dishes, I found myself loving the soup, ravioli and the barramundi the most.

If there was one thing that was a tad strange – it was the fact that the manager served all our wines with wet wine glasses. We weren’t too sure of the basis for that but it was odd indeed.

Overall, wild duck was a wonderful experience, and for $140 with matching wines, it is well worth it, considering the increasing prices of such degustations in the WA region. I would definitely head back here for a beautiful delectable experience.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Rating by: S.T. a.k.a. Miss Egg

Wild Duck
Telephone: (08) 9389 8141
Address: 35 Hampden Road, Nedlands

Wild Duck on Urbanspoon

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