Phill Bean, Shelley


When Miss Anise told me about Phill Bean, I had thought she was talking about a person, and how good ‘it’ was. Alas, only to find out shortly after that she was actually talking about a Korean eatery in the heart of Shelley.

Upon entering this evening, we found ourselves with a restaurant that was packed full of people, some taking away, some indulging in some hot soups, and others just waiting for their meal. We were lucky to have gotten one of the last two tables in the restaurant. Phew!

MenuWe were quite swiftly handed the menus, and the first impression I had was “wow, such a massive menu!” It comprises of a good number of sections, ranging from noodles, to rice and soups.

We went through the menu, and I could already spot some of the good old favourites like BiBimBap, and Kimchee&Pork Stew.

Took us a while before the owner of the place could attend to us, and had our orders taken:

  • Kimchee Pancake
  • Spicy chicken bulgogi noodles
  • Doenjang Stew (with Rice) – Stew made from soybean paste, tofu, clams, and vegetables
  • Korean rice punch

I’m always delighted with the surprises that come with the Korean side/appetiser dishes. This time, we got some fermented soy beans, kimchee and…. I wish I could remember what it was. (-.-)

Appetisers Rice Punch

The Korean rice punch was a recommendation from the owner (we had wanted to try something Korean). My first taste of this drink wasn’t too pleasant because there was a very strong aroma from the can. But as I took in more sips, I actually started liking it more and more. Interesting drink with actual rice grains in the can as well. I probably wouldn’t order again but it was a good experience nevertheless.

Kimchee Pancake

I always love a kimchee pancake. The thought of that dough mixed in with that spicy sour kimchee is just something mouthwatering to even think about! I enjoyed the pancake and the sauce that came along with it, but would have liked a spicier kimchee to be used.

Spicy Chicken Bulgogi noodles

My favourite dish of the evening was the spicy bulgogi noodles. It came out looking as spicy as it tasted, really. On first impression, there really wasn’t much taste, then it hits right at the end! Deception. I loved the fact that there was no hint of the taste fading away with each mouthful.

Donjaeng Stew

Stew enlargedThe donjaeng stew was for me the disappointment dish of the evening. I thought it was rather tasty, but I think it could have been tastier. That said, my taste buds may have been numbed out by that spicy chicken bulgogi noodles! I probably wouldn’t order it again.

We waited quite a while before getting our food served, and understandably for a packed restaurant, but I think they could definitely do better. I was then told that they do work under a tight number of staff members – after all, it is a family business. The owner is a lovely man though, very approachable, and certainly knows how to make his customers feel at home.

I would give Phill Bean another go for sure, maybe at a time when it’s not so packed. Am keen to try their bibimbap and some of that spicy stew they have on the menu!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Rating by: Miss Egg a.k.a. S.T.

Phill Bean
Telephone: (08) 9354 7272
Address: Unit 2, 17 Tribute Street, Shelley

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